Debate Forum Now Open!

Do you want a Debate Forum?

83% - 5 votes
17% - 1 votes
Don't care
No votes
Total votes: 6
Most other AIO sites have debate forums. For instance the ToO has the Campbell County Debate Society, and the SS has the Debate Hall. We wanna know if you want a debate forum for the CC. Let us know in the poll!
Yes please.
What debating? What will the topic be about? Hope It won't get heated because of me.
Ignorance to the law is no excuse!
It would be like the debate hall topic on the Soda Shop, where users can create their own topics.
Is there any location in Campbell County where people debate? :curious:
Ignorance to the law is no excuse!
Not yet, that's why we're asking if people want one.
Just curious who said no? Just wondering why.
I said no. But I guess I could have just said "I don't care". I prolly won't be using it cause I really don't like debating most of the time. But I wouldn't want to hold you guys back from it. So don't decide not to do it just because of me.

"What usually happens to me is I'll practice a piece of music and it will get stuck in my beard, and I'll have it memorized" -Me
You can now find the brand new debate forum under our factions section.
To join the faction you simply go into factions at the top of the menu, then there's a group called The Debate Club. You join then either me or Bren will accept then it should show up on your home page! \:D/
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