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Agent 86 wrote:Hover over Options and click View unread posts. Or for the posts thing make a mini-profile that only appears when you click it.

oh that makes sense. Thanks!
Is there any way to make it easier to use on mobile devices? I only ever check all my online stuff on my phone and you can't click on some of the icons on top that you have to scroll over. Thanks.

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We are going to try to work on that when we can. As of right now, our style designer has been tied up with a paying gig (which is why the green style isn't fixed). For those who use mobile the most, I recommend opening your PMs from the top of the site, then navigate to board preferences. The prosilver board style isn't all fancy with icons at the moment but it is a fully functional style.
We should make an app.
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That's not really as easy as it sounds.
Q1: I click a spoiler, and it does not work. How come? The only way I can know what a spoiler said is to click "Reply by Quote". :chinscratch:
Q2: The "Quick Reply' Button does not work either. :chinscratch:
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Hmm, both of those might have something to do with your browser. Does it have Javascript enabled?
Javascript? What's that? Or is it Java? (so as not to be a one-word post)
Ignorance to the law is no excuse!
Java is for computers and is totally seperate from Javascript. Javascript is a scripting language that lets webpages do things like show you the quick reply when you click the button, or tell you something via a pop-up window.
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