Public Poll: The Future of CC

Should CC stay open?

Poll ended at Mon Mar 16, 2015 8:04 pm

48% - 13 votes
26% - 7 votes
Maybe So
26% - 7 votes
Total votes: 27
We are retiring.
Oy, finally you guys came to a decision. And I believe this is the best decision. *nods* The CC is made up of people from the ToO and SS (I'd say more than half are from those two boards)... meaning, like I said, you just can't spread an already small community that thin. It is difficult enough keeping up with one (AIO related) board.. much less, three boards that are pretty similar. So, I really hope the good people that are members here will put more of their focus into the SS and/or the ToO. Because it would be a sad day to see either of those fall (it's already pretty depressing that the ToO has been lacking recently)..

Anyway, I am so glad you all decided on something, and a really good decision at that, in my opinion. I think this will be the best for everyone all around, especially for Bren and the other admins.
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So does that mean the board will be locked eventually or what?
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The board will remain open. There will no longer be an admin presence for the most part though.
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