The Great Campbell County Snowball Fight

Oh boy, snow! I've been waiting for this all year. I'll share brownies with anyone who volunteers to make my snowballs for me. I mean, I'd do them myself but that's not as fun as throwing the snowballs.
Did you say brownies? I'm in!

*starts making snowballs for himself and Jay*

Gotta have those brownies.
*chuckles evilly*

I fight better without brownies.
Fine. All the more for me.

*hurls a snowball at Countess*
*leans away as it whizzes past her*

*sneaks to the enemy's camp while they are distracted and fills her arms with snowballs*
Even if you are a twerp, I'd be willing to side with you just to show Jay a thing or 2.
Huh? I'm doing just fine on my own. But since I am a generous sort of person, I will allow you to side with me for your own protection. :evilyes:

*drags Rodney out of the line of fire*
*returns from Hagglers Junkyard*

It'll take an entire army to protect you from my snowball gun

*blasts Countess and Rodney repeatedly in the face*
*slips a rock into Jay's gun* *watches it wreck into a million pieces*

Take that. :x

Rodney, take care of that stash of brownies when Bren's back is turned. :evilyes:
You mean the ones I already ate? Oh, wait...

*pulls brownie out of back pocket and throws it at Countess*

Maybe that will teach you to stay away from our camp.
I am making you throw away brownies? Aha! Mission accomplished! :evilyes:

*continues to hurl snowballs at Jay*
Countess, you really made somebody throw away brownies? Why? You, you! *pulls head off of snowman, smashes over Countess' head* Now then. I think this snowman needs crooked, evil smile and some very big leaves for ears and beady seeds for eyes...
Ewwwww what a terrible job. Why do you allow that snowman to exist? :x

*pushes PF into a sled and watches him fly over the top of a cliff*

Wait? Huh? :afraid:

*recovers from the trauma of his brownie loss*

Well, I guess I should just offer you this instead.

*nails Countess in the face with a giant snowball*
Ahhhhhh! Help! *crashes into statue of McCallister*

Boy. Do I have a hike ahead of me. Wait. *hires Whit to make jet pack and snow gun, flies to top of hill* Wheee! *shoots snow at Bren*
*Begins digging some kind of abnormal tunnel to see if he can find any brownies on the battlefield*
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