Nearing the end... (Of the year that is)

Hey guys, so this topic is for everyone on Campbell County to share what some of their favorite moments from 2014 on CC, or in that thing called... "The Real World", were. ;)

A couple of mine: One was just joining! :D I like this little board, it's a great inbetween of the two main AIO boards.
Another was being made an Admin! ;) It was really exciting for me since this is my first time ever being able to be in a leadershipish position on a board. :)

"What usually happens to me is I'll practice a piece of music and it will get stuck in my beard, and I'll have it memorized" -Me
I think some of my best times were spent on the old board on the chat. And working for the top poster.
This year has been cray! My real life favorite memory would have to be singing in my friends wedding, and being able to go to California to see a bunch of friends I haven't seen in years.

AIO board favorite memory... humm... I haven't been on much this year *hides* But being able to just start back where we left off with a lot of AIO peeps is the best! Oh and tolling with BG ;) *hides*
What is forever..? Well I'll see you once that has past.<3
My favorite CC memory is how you guys have done everything you can to keep CC going. Here's to 2015 being a better year for the board.
Probably becoming a CEO.
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