Odyssey Gallows Live!

As apart of this birthday week, I was thinking about us doing a game of Odyssey Gallows Live! You can read how to play below.

How to play
Above the chatbox, there will be a puzzle shown with blanks that represent letters in a particular word or phrase that fits the current category. Any user in the chatbox may guess a letter that may be in the puzzle. If the letter that was guessed is in the puzzle, it will be shown in the puzzle. If it isn't in the puzzle, the letter will be show in the right sidebar under "Incorrect Letters".

At any time, users may try to solve the puzzle by stating what they think the puzzle says. If you are correct, you will earn one point and a new puzzle will be shown. You can keep track of your score in the right hand sidebar.

Additional Rules

Here are some rules that all users that participate must follow.

• You may not guess two letters in a row. You must wait for another user to guess before you can guess again.
• If you guess the complete puzzle and are incorrect, you cannot guess anymore letters or complete phrases until the next puzzle starts
• The gamemaster may throw out a puzzle if it seems unfair or something is wrong with it.
• You are permitted to use any resource of your choice to search for possible answers.

We used to play the on our archive site. We are hoping to get a new page put together but if that isn't possible then we will play on the archive site, which means some of you will need to create accounts.

If we were to do this on Thursday, who would be interested and what is a good time for you to play?
I'm able to do Thursday. After 3:00 would be better, but whenever's fine.
Good news! I got the new Odyssey Gallows LIVE page completed! \:D/ If you want to take a sneak peak, it's over at http://ccmb.co/gallows.

I may be able to join in. No time preference for me as I can make most times work.
I love popcorn!!
"Stupid is another word for creative! ...I think..."
Sadly, Thursday probably won't work for me.
Just for future reference, whenever we have a game going on, I will add the gallows link to the navigation bar.
Maybe, maybe not depends. The best time for me would be after 8 till 9 GMT.
Unfortunately, that won't work for me. Tell me who wins, alright?

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I'd love to, but wouldn't be able to come on until after nine EDT. Hope you guys have a great game! :)
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I'll run this anywhere between 2 and 4 CCTZ. Come on over. The link will be in the navigation till then.
I will try to be there. But no promises. (So this is basically like a hang man game?)

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We had a great turnout this afternoon. All those who participated or attempted to will get 10 seashells. It came down to a tie breaker between Larkspur and Wakko. Wakko ran away with the puzzle with basically nothing to go on. For doing so he gets a bonus of 40 seashells. And for coming in second, Larkspur gets 20 extra seashells.

We might do this again in the future if you guys want. It was great to be able to use the chat again and it be active.
It was great playing! I could never figure out what time exactly it started. But I was able to join in later on and got close to Lark and Wakko with 2 points to their 3 but it was a fun time/game! Thanks for doing this Bren. And I hope to play again some other time. ;)

"What usually happens to me is I'll practice a piece of music and it will get stuck in my beard, and I'll have it memorized" -Me
I would love to do this again. If it's at a time that I'm available, I'd definitely play! :) Good game all, and good game Wakko. Nice win on that tie breaker. I shall beat you yet. :yes: ;)
Oh, wow! What a game! Congrats to all who participated! :D I dropped in for a bit and it looked like one of our better matches. Sadly, I couldn't play because I was using my phone... making it really hard to use the chat.

Great to have some games again! :yes:
I love popcorn!!
"Stupid is another word for creative! ...I think..."
This game was tons of fun! We should play again soon. :yes:
You're on. @Larkspur. ;)
Grrrrrr...I missed this game. I wish a new one starts soon. I hope it won't be about movies. :D
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They're all questions connected to AIO. :)
Would gallows work better on phone did you got rid of the iframes and intergrate a KiwiIRC client into the site, and then rewrite the hangman section.
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