*Tom's Farm*

Would you look at that. The sky is blue, the flowers are beginning to blossom. Before you know it, it'll be planting season and brand new animals to be raised up. Yessiree life is good. Let me get these bags of fertilizer loaded in the truck and then.. Uh oh, the barn door is open. Probably that new whippersnapper that moved into town, can't keep him out of there since he laid eyes on Bessie's calf. *mutters to himself as he reaches the door* Wait, what. Who are you? Come here outta the shadows so I can see your face.

*A masked man emerges swinging up onto the back of one horse and leading two more behind him.*

Whoawhoawhoa hold it! What do you think you're doing with my horses?

*Tom tries to stand his ground but ultimately has to jump out of the way to avoid being trampled as the masked intruder gallops off in a cloud of dust*
Yah! C'mon mush brain, put on some speed. Oh noooo. No, you don't. Stop that! You can stop to eat grass later. *Frank sharply kicks the flank of the horse beneath him, but the horse isn't used to spurs and, being barely broken to ride, begins to buck wildly while Frank holds on for dear life and yells at the animal* Hey! Whoa ya mangy hard-toed hunk of horse meat. Agh, you had to kick a giant hole in the chicken coop didn't yah? *chickens fly in every direction and before Frank gains control Tom's mailbox lies cockeyed on the side of the road, three bags of fertilizer have been brutally smashed, and both horse and rider are covered with mud and chicken feathers.* Wall, I hope you're satisfied, yah worthless critter. Yeh were able to make my day even worse. I'm thinking about turning yah into a pair of boots if yeh don't straighten up. C'mon let's get these animals to Jesse before he blows his top and we're all in a mess of trouble.
*shnoodlec just happened to be walking around on Tom's farm for some reason*
HEY! What are YOU doing here? You talk funny, and you scared these poor chickens to death!
I am on the SS as, well, shnoodlec. :)
What d'ya mean I talk funny? You're the one wearing them strange clothes and talkin' like a lady from the east. I ain't got no time for chickens, shoulda done been outta here. Jesse'll have my hide if'n I waste any more time.
*glares* I AM from the east. *smiles*
I am on the SS as, well, shnoodlec. :)
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