*Imagination Station Adventure!*

Here we are. If you would connect the machines we can get started.
Alright, I've hooked up the mainline energy stream directly into the data banks of your machine. I couldn't plug the entirety of the TARDIS' power into your machine though, as it would burn it up. Therefore, I had to put a suppressor on the TARDIS' main source flood line, and *cough*slightlyrewireyourmachinetomakeitcompatible*cough*. Quite clever, this machine. I should like to talk further with this witty man. Now the only thing that remains is to pull the wibbly lever to set everything in motion. It has to be pulled while the machine is running. And that means I will be the one inside pulling it. Pass me my fez, would you? *places the fez on his head, steps inside the TARDIS and closes the door. He stares at the lever for a moment, then determination spreads over his face and he pulls the lever with both hands.Immediately the wind picks up, whipping red dust all around him, filling every corner of his vision. As it reaches the climax of it's speed, narrowing closer and closer around the Doctor, it explodes in every direction, floating towards the ground just as quickly as it began. Coughing, he looks up from where he's collapsed on a field of red grass, and is just barely able to make out a figure moving closer through the dust still hanging in the air.* "Hello Sweetie".
*The Doctor climbs to his feet and studies the surrounding landscape before turning to the figure* "So this is the Room of Consequences. Hello.. Riversong."
Couldn't we just type in "Applesauce"?
I am on the SS as, well, shnoodlec. :)
*Arkán, having arrived silently on the scene earlier, speaks up for the first time*

I doubt even Mr. Whitaker's end-all program could fix the mergeance of an unlimited-realities-machine with an limitless-unrealities-machine.

How about we send someone to look into the heart of the TARDIS, thus causing the creation of a deus ex machina, and ending this whole thing.
*glass rains from above* Hi, all. I was breaking in through the roof so I could sue Mr. Whittaker for not putting signs up saying not to climb... 'ello, what's all this, then? Hi, Arkan. Hi, Snoodlerella, Eugene, Whit's End, and all. *jumps down*

Oh, we're sending someone into the heart of the Tardis. I volunteer. Erm, what does "going into the heart of the Tardis" mean, and how do you do that?

I'll get us some entertainment for the meantime. *inserts Eragon into the Imagination Station's scanner*
I do believe we are ready to begin then. *turns on the Room of Consequence*

Syncing with foreign data core

Determining problem solving parameters

Solving Chess

Finding preferred outcome

Going back in time by 47 days, 20 hours, 23 minutes and 3 seconds

Tell Mr. Whitaker to push the green button with haste.
Well, hello kids! Did you all enjoy being in the same Imagination Station adventure at the same time?!? What was your adventure about?
It was great! I got locked in closets a lot of the time though....
All right Blitz. *Pushes Green Button* But, why?
The Green Button It would appear that this button triggers a universal "Do not come anywhere near here." message. Fascinating. Although one can but wonder what would have happened if that had not been sent out.
I don't imagine what would happen would be too bad. It's not like every hostile alien race from Doctor Who would suddenly appear here to trap the Doctor in the Pandorica again, right?
*Pictures a plastic Mitch in Roman centurion garb*

No.. Just, no.
Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men.
Or maybe Jeff in the garb.
That would only be slightly less preposterous.
Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men.
A few minutes earlier. (Or a few weeks later, depending on the way you look at it):

*Opens the TARDIS door and pops out* Well then! I believe we have this figured-How did you all get in here? Nevermind, that's not important. What's important is, the different timelines of these people from the past are being stretched over time and space, expanding and contracting, history is being rewritten, fixed points that should be occurring at this moment are never going to happen.. The proverbial "walls" keeping time moving in a forward direction are becoming fragile and beginning to break down. And it's starting with the closest point of eruption in time, the weakest moment in the chain of events leading up to this.. Right before the TARDIS arrived. The Mr. Whittaker and Olivia from the past will keep appearing saying the same thing with shorter and shorter intervals of time in between. What this is, is the threads that make up the fabric of reality are ripping, popping one by one. And this has created a window to the near past, a portal if you want to call it that. But if someone slips through this portal the next time it opens, and tell the Whittaker from the past to push this button.. Then the Doctor from the past will get a message that landing is not recommended and none of this will have ever happened. We might be able to stop this mess.
So then what will happen to you? If your past never comes here, your future self doesn't exist here. Not that I'm sad about that, since all you've brought is trouble...
Wouldn't this cause a paradox?
Potentially, yes. We should prepare for Reapers.
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