Let the Eastering Begin!

Greetings and salutations to everyone! All I have to say is wow... Easter sure came fast, didn't it? Well, it's almost here. Whatever the case might be, we're starting our celebration of Spring and the resurrection of Jesus right now. So to follow that...

Welcome to our 2014 Easter Celebration!

Over the next several days, we'll have some fun activities and events for you to enjoy. I'm not going to reveal all of our cards right now, but some of those activities will be:

  • An egg hunt with prizes
  • Special *limited edition* shop items

So keep your browsers pointed to Campbell County as we celebrate Easter this week!
I love popcorn!!
"Stupid is another word for creative! ...I think..."
I would like to apologize for messing things up. I've had a lot going on in my life this week, and in the fog I totally forgot to set the Registered users forum permissions. I'm really sorry. We will extend the event to this coming week for you guys. Thank you for always supporting CC. Have a good Easter tomorrow and don't forget the real reason we celebrate.
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