Day 3

They get harder. :lol:

11:Which 2 Christmas episodes are the farthest apart (have the longest gap between airdates)?
12:In It's a Pokenberry Christmas, what has George Barclay lost? (looking for the first thing he lost)
13:How much money has George Barclay lost in It's A Pokenberry Christmas?
14:What is on top of the Christmas tree at Whit's End?
15:Which controversy is brought up in The Living Nativity?

Deadline: 10 PM CCTZ
11. No clue.
12. Money.
13. $600 or $800... I get 6 and 8 mixed up...leaning towards 8 though.
15. Separation of Church and State.
I don't know... didn't George loose something before that? It would
seem odd to ask and then answer it in the next question.
Maybe I'm odd. Maybe money isn't the correct answer :chinscratch:
You guys can have till 9 PM CCTZ Friday night to get your answers in. I do apologize for the downtime earlier this evening.
Soooooooo should I send this in?
11. It's a Pokenberry Christmas Part #2 and Onto us a child is Born?
12. Money.
13. $800
15. Separation of Church and State.
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The CONTROL Lab ◄== CC link
God s you
Where's CD333 and Audrey??
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