Story Time: A long, long time ago...

This is a 'pass the story' kinda game/post/thing! I'll start us off with a story prompt, and anyone can jump in and add to it. Just don't add too much at once. Otherwise, let your imaginations run wild! \:D/

Note: This *may* eventually be turned into a drama, for giggles.

A long, long time ago in the distant future... (Which is actually today for us, but yesteryear for the future people, so it makes sense. Right? Anyway...) there lived a cute little animal of some sort. Her name? Verbose. Verbose lived all alone in a large forest, that was actually quite small width-wise, but large height-wise. This forest had many plants and insects, but no other animals. Well, expect for Maladroit, the foolish old city mouse turned country mouse. He was always being so grouchy and crotchety to everybody but Verbose, which was weird since they were the only ones in this small-ish tall-ish forest. Except for Suspect. But Suspect didn't really count since he was Verbose's imaginary friend rabbit. (But Verbose is sensitive about that, so we'll just play along. Alrighty?)

Continue the story! Please? ;)
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Anyway, one day everything changed for these key players.

One day, as Verbose was walking through the forest talking to Suspect, she heard a small shriek!

"What was that?", asked Suspect in an imaginary fashion.

"I'm not certain, but it sounded like a Unicorn's call!", Verbose said as she tore off to find the source of the shriek.

"A Unicorn call?!?", Suspect said incredulously as he chased after Verbose, "There haven't been Unicorns in the Smatall Forest for years! What would one be doing here?"

"We'll find out when we find it!" Verbose shouted over her shoulder.

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All of a sudden, Suspect disappeared.

"Suspect? Suspect?!" Verbrose called. Vebrose listened and heard a dull thud.

"Umm...down here." Suspect called, her voice echoing through the forest.

"Where's here?" Verbrose asked.

"Canada, where do you think? Down this hole, dunderhead!" Suspect called, clearly annoyed.
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