Would you rather?

Habanero peppers. Just so they are seedless and baked in 5 pizzas

Would you rather: be stranded in the desert by yourself or stranded in the arctic by yourself--with no shelter/heavy clothing.
The desert. (I'm use to that. :P)

Would you rather go on a week vacation to Hawaii, or a week vacation to Whit's end/Focus on the family and meet some of the crew?

"What usually happens to me is I'll practice a piece of music and it will get stuck in my beard, and I'll have it memorized" -Me
Whit's end. That would be so awesome!

Would you rather: make a goal, or have the coolest gear?

#The Truth
Frozen: It rules!
Emily: ERK thinks she rules, but the KRE knows the Truth.
Baby Animals: They are adorable!
Me: I chase turkeys with lawn chairs.
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