Rights, Wrongs, and Reasons

How would you all like to play a game? I know a good one, and Some of you may be familiar with it. It's called Rights, Wrongs, and Reasons.
Now the way it's played is like this: One person creates a short scenario and posts it below. The next person tries to determine if the person in the scenario did the right thing for the right reason, the wrong thing for the right reason, or the right thing for the right reason. But be sure to think carefully as it can get tricky at times. I'll start us off with an easy one:

Billy was playing over at his friend Kevin's house. They climbed the treehouse, played catch, and looked at old baseball cards. A while later, they decided to watch a movie. Kevin puts in an alien movie that Billy's parents had specifically said they didn't think was appropriate for him to watch. Billy tells Kevin this, but Kevin calls him a sissy and refuses to turn it off. Billy, feeling uncomfortable, lies that his head hurts and he needs to go.

Now what do you think? Right/wrong, right/right, or wrong/wrong?
I'm thinking wrong/right. He lied, which was the wrong thing to do. But he lied so he didn't watch what his parents disapproved of.
That's right, Bren. Would you like to go next?
I'll go if no one else wants to.
*crickets chirp*
Guess I'll take a turn then. ;)

Martin works at a toy store. One day a little girl comes in with her mother and falls in love with a small teddy bear. Her mom says they're not buying anything in that store today, even though the girl begs. When the pair go to leave, Martin notices the little girl shove the teddy into her backpack and walk out the door. Martin starts to go after her and retrieve it, but then decides she really did want the bear and it didn't cost that much, so he slips the amount of money the bear cost into the register and continues to work.
Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men.
For sure wrong on the little girl's end because stealing is wrong.

It was both right and wrong on Martin's part-
1) Usually when someone steals, the employees are told not to go after the theifs and to report it to their boss. He actually would be right not to go after the girl and her mother but wrong for not reporting it.
2) As to Martin covering the cost of the bear- it probably felt right and was very nice of him but also wrong because he didn't report it to his boss that the bear had been taken but covered by his payment. The little girl, even if not sought after for discipline for this offence, should be watched the next time she comes into the store and of the managers and fellow employees don't know what to look for then Martin is kinda helping the little girl with her five finger discount scheme because no one will have that extra vigilance to make sure she does not leave the store again having lifted something that wasn't paid for.
Absolutely wrong in my opinion. Letting kids get away is things like that is setting up future hoodlum.
I'm not denying that she is in the wrong- she very much is! I just know that not every child with sticky fingers ends up being a hoodlum. God tends to use moments like this from a child's life to teach them a lesson they need for the future. The story doesn't say what the mom'a reaction was when she found the teddy bear she had said no to in her daughter's room. For all we know, this girl might come from a Christian home and her mother will be able to talk to her about right and wrong and sin and how, even though she stole the bear and was wrong, she can always ask for forgiveness from the store by taking the bear back and apologizing (and learning to never take what isn't hers again AND honoring her mother and father) as well as the most important lesson that sometimes we do things that God doesn't want us to do but, just like mommy and daddy, He forgives us when we are really sorry and will always love us.

Not every sticky fingered child becomes a full fledged hoodlum. Speaking from experience :)
Ah experience. ;)
What would Christianity be without people using their experiences both as sinners and changed people, eh? \:D/
...... I was like three when I became a Christian.
1- fully understood and accepted the need for forgiveness that can and did only come from Jesus dying on the Cross as God's only begotten Son


2- understood and accepted what it means to follow Christ by picking up your cross daily and following Him by listening to the Holy Spirit

At 3? I'm 26 and I still have to go back over it from time to time XD

(Not doubting just kinda wondering)
Yes, at three. I did reafirm in second grade, but you have to remember I am a MK/PK. I had the Bible for life.
Anyway, let's get back to the topic at hand. The game. If you guys want to continue this conversation through PM or a topic of your own, that fine, but let's try to keep this topic, well, on topic. Thanks!
James brought a dog to his house even though his mother did not allow any pets. He sneaked the dog into his room. Then, at dinner time while James was eating with his mother he saw that the dog had come down. The mother did not see the dog because she was thinking about something else. James said "I'll get something!" to his mother. And, he took the dog into the basement, and brought out an apple from the basement. Did James do right or was he dishonest or what? Discuss here.
Ignorance to the law is no excuse!
Wrong wrong. James shouldn't have brought the dog, and he should have owned up to it instead of being deceitful.
Your Turn.
Ignorance to the law is no excuse!
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