My poetry.

A bunch of random works by yours truly. =p


Lonely, Broken Faces.

Author's Note: This is inspired by the song "While you were sleeping." by Casting Crowns. Hope you enjoy it.

Lonely, broken faces
On the outside, looking in.
How can we go on,
Without looking back at them?

Lonely, broken faces
With no place to call home.
How can we move forward,
When they have no where to go?

Lonely, broken faces
Cringing from the pain.
Trying to escape.
Crying in the rain.

Lonely, broken faces
Pleading through their eyes.
Praying through their tears,
When words were hollow cries.

Lonely, broken hearts
Barely keeping pulse.
Try to catch a breath,
But air is not enough.

Lonely, broken ears
Pierced by all the screams.
The lies that they were fed,
Ripping them at the seams.

Lonely, broken eyes
Staring at the world.
But getting shoved aside,
and left out in the cold.

Lonely broken faces
lying on the ground.
Close their tired eyes,
And try to block the sound.

They drift to sleep with lullabies
Of save the earth, and what it's worth,
Yet kill the children, and stop their birth.
Their silent cries remain unheard.

And while we lay here in our beds,
And say our prayers for blessings yet,
They lay there in the dirty streets,
with tattered clothes and worn out feet.

And while we stay here, nice and warm,
they're all out there, inside the storm.
And while we slowly close our eyes,
the nightmares haunt them with our lies.

While we were sleeping, they were hurting.
While we were sleeping they were bleeding.
While we were sleeping, they were fearful.
While we were sleeping, they were needing.

While we were sleeping, they were restless.
While we were sleeping, they were crying.
While we were sleeping, they were pleading.
While we were sleeping, they were dying.

Won't someone please tell me, how long will this night last?

I Wonder...

Author's Note: This was inspired by something I was going through with some friends sometime back. I just sat down and wrote what I felt right then.

I wonder if they know...
Just how much they mean to me.
When they tell me hello,
or what they think of me.
I wonder if they know,
how much it hurts.
When they walk away,
or say goodbye.
I wonder if they know,
how much my face lights up,
when I see their name,
come across the screen.
I wonder if they know,
how much my heart breaks,
when I see them,
say that they aren't worth the pain.
I wonder if they know,
how important they are to me.
How amazing I think they are.
How great of a friend they are.
I wonder if they know,
how much I care.
Because if I didn't,
I wouldn't wonder at all.
I wonder if they know,
how happy I am...
How proud I am...
To call them...

My friend.


Author's Note: I can't remember what exactly inspired this, but I was feeling depressed at the time, and then I had a great reminder of God's mercy, grace, and love for me. I may not have all the answers, and even as a Christian, I will never have all of them. But, as long as God is with me, everything will be okay.

She takes in a breath, as shallow as it may be. Her face is streaked from tears shed many.
Why is she running?
Why is she hiding?
Why is she crying?
She has no answers, for her too any questions. She seeks them, she needs them. Yet she has them not.
Why she cannot find them, she does not know.
Why she searches, she does not understand.
Why she is, is a mystery.
Yet she presses on.
Why does it feel like she is so empty?
A shell.
Maybe that’s what she is.
While the world goes on.
Without her.
Looking beyond her.
Looking through her.
Through her.
Yet nothing is there.
Through her…
Why is she?
She is.
But she is not.
Is life a paradox?
Perhaps so.
Perhaps not.
She may never know.
Again her eyes blur over.
They are swept with…
They fall slowly.
But surely.
Upon her knees.
So close she holds them.
Holding herself.
Against everything.
Is everything…
Against her?
Another shallow breath.
Another tear let fall.
Another day gone by…
Without purpose.
Without meaning.
So she feels.
So she thinks.
So she does not know…
The truth.
The night has fallen, as she looks up to the stars.
Surely something so great could not be…
Without someone to let them be.
But, where is this someone?
Who is this someone?
Yet again questions without answers.
Or are they answers, without questions?
Or are they both?
Or neither?
Why can she not feel?
Can she not think?
She feels emotionless.
Has she given up?
One thought surrounds them all.
One thought to end it all.
But is she really willing?
Or is she really that blind?
Another night without rest.
Another toss.
Another turn.
And all she feels.
Is nothing.
Nothing more than…
Perhaps she is helpless.
As she always feared.
Perhaps she isn’t good enough.
As she always heard.
Perhaps she didn’t have enough faith.
As she always was scolded.
Perhaps she cannot see.
Cannot feel.
Cannot understand.
As she feels in her heart.
Her heart.
Falling apart.
Still beating.
Isn’t that worth something?
Or maybe it wasn’t supposed to beat at all.
She was never meant to exist.
She does exist.
Her heart does beat.
As shattered as it is.
Her breath...
As shallow…
Still breathes.
Why then…
Why is she?
Why can she not find answers?
She is looking.
But is she not looking hard enough?
Or maybe…
It is that…
She is not looking in the right places.
In the right spaces.
In the right faces.
She glances at the water before her.
This is no time for tears.
Says her thoughts.
Scolding her.
Mocking her.
She shakes her head.
In fear…
Or disgust…
She does not know.
But she looks down into the water.
At the girl before her.
Who is that girl?
Who is the face that she sees?
Is it the face of the lost?
The face of the forgotten?
The face of the abandoned?
The face of the lonely?
Perhaps so.
But perhaps not.
As she looks, she searches.
To find the answers.
Not only within the reflection.
But beyond the reflection.
Beyond the body.
Beyond the mind.
Within the heart.
To find is to lose.
To lose is to find.
She has found that she has lost, but that she has found.
What is this, this thing she has found?
She continues to look.
To search.
When she sees not only herself.
There is another.
A being in the water.
Beyond the water?
She looks up.
Still holding back...
Everything to which she must let go.
She looks up.
There is a man there.
He’s looking at her.
Through her?
What is this expression He wears?
It is not what she usually sees.
When others see her.
Not of anger.
Or frustration.
Of judgement.
Or superiority.
So many things.
To which she knows.
But does not know.
Has seen.
But has not seen.
Has not felt.
He looks at her.
A smile playing upon his lips.
He kneels.
Still smiling.
Eyes twinkling.
They speak for Him.
With firmness.
But gentleness.
He reaches out His hand to her.
He brushes the hair from her eyes.
And smiles bigger.
And as she looks at him.
She feels…
She tilts her head in curiosity.
For she does not know His name.
Or where He is from.
Or who He is.
But she feels…
As though…
He is…
With light…
True light.
A spark of warmth.
Of hope.
In this land of darkness.
She opens her mouth.
But no words form upon her lips.
She is speechless.
But that is…
Perhaps words would ruin the moment.
The feeling of…
She looks at the ground.
And then back at Him.
He is still smiling.
But stays silent.
Saying nothing.
She says nothing too.
But nothing needs said.
She may not know her answers.
But she feels…
She will.
As long as He is there.
Will be alright.

Broken Body

Author's Note: This is kind of obvious, but the inspiration for this was the corrupted judgement and prejudice of the church. So, here we go.

I look at the painted smiles on your face. The emptiness shows that you never had a place.
I look around and see an empty pew, that could have held someone like you.
I hear the preacher at the pulpit, teaching words hollow as his heart.
I wish someone would open their eyes to see how things really are.
I watch as the stranger stands in the back.
The judging whispers of the crowd piercing like an attack.
I feel the pain as rejection tears streak down his face...
He would have been better off anywhere but this place.
I listen as the choir sings songs of acceptance and love for all,
Yet when someone different comes in, prejudice arises and that love falls.
In the shadow of the outside, people wander in the dark.
We teach of holding out our arms, 'it only takes a spark'.
But when someone from the outside tries to reach out from the black.
We sit here in ignorance, taking our arms back.
Now I sit here in wonder... What are we in Christ?
If we refuse to make a difference... I have to wonder why?

Heaven's Children

Author's Note: This was inspired by several things. My love for children and hatred for abortion, to name a couple. Also, God's love for all of His children, no matter what physical age.

Six little children, with a gleam in their eyes, looked on with excitement, for to their surprise, just past the gate, which was made of all pearl, lay a place of great wonder, to each boy and girl. They whispered and giggled, as they toddled inside, their hearts filled with joy, to which none could hide. Their mouths curved in grins, for what should they see? But, a street paved with gold, much to their glee. As they pressed on their journey, throughout the great kingdom, they all were in awe, boy, you should've seen 'em. They met Moses and Joseph, and Peter and Paul. They saw creatures and people and angels and all.
But, in the midst of it all, there sat a great throne, setting upon it was the source of all known. The King and His glory, His honor, and peace, reach out in love, to each one of these. And there stood beside him, a man dressed in white. A sash of deep purple, a smile of bright white. His eyes pierced the heart, yet gentle and caring. His voice booming loudly, yet , not scaring. His arms opened wide, and kneeling to them, He said "Welcome Children, to your new home." One asked "Are you Jesus?", as quiet as a lamb. Jesus answered him sweetly, "Why yes, son, I Am." Then another dear child, a small little girl, looked of in the distance, and tugged on her curls. Then Jesus went over, as He heard her thoughts, bent down beside her, and whispered "Fret not". "But," Started the girl, a tear down her face. "What about my parents, and family, and friends?" He wrapped His arms around her, and said with a smile, "Don't worry about your loved ones, I'm with them this while. I see all the hurt and the pain that they feel. The darkness around them, though it seems so real, I've overcome all, and offered them peace. While they walk in the daytime, and at night when they sleep. I call on my people, I call on this land, for these are my chosen, where I've placed my hand. Hurt's "kingdom" shall fall, pain's cursing shall cease, for this is my will, for they shall have peace. The dark is defeated, the pain is no more, forever I'm watching, for hope shall restore. Now, come sons and daughters, into this place, my arms are wide open, so is my embrace. Never shall I leave you, never shall you fear. Love will hold you closer, and wipe away the tears. It's not goodbye forever, for you will see them soon, forever in this kingdom, all your dreams will come true. Now come, my sons and daughters, there is much to see, I'll always be right with you, forever you will be.

Aaaaaaand there you have it. It's just a few, and I'll probably be writing/posting more as I go. But that's as good as anything, haha. =p (...Or not. But I'm not gonna be blamed if you so chose to read my awful writing. =p )
Arkán & Sammy, besters forever.
Beautiful! I love "Lonely Broken Faces." I read it all the time on your blog. :D
I am on the SS as, well, shnoodlec. :)
Why thank you, Emma! I'm so glad someone likes it that much! (Or at all, haha.) *Hands you a cookie*
Arkán & Sammy, besters forever.
Too lazy to read them but they are good.
How do you know they are good if you're, and I quote, "Too lazy to read them"?
Arkán & Sammy, besters forever.
I skimmed them.

Arkán & Sammy, besters forever.
OOOOoooooo....I love them all, Sam! You are an awesome writer. =D
I agree completely with Rosy. You are definitely a talented writer, Sam!!
Thank you both! ^_^
Arkán & Sammy, besters forever.
*eats the cookie* Thank you, Sam!
I am on the SS as, well, shnoodlec. :)
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