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One day life was normal the next day things would be changed forever. Little did Kani know the thing that would come tomorrow. A phone call came and her life would be forever shattered.
THe preview to my story o:)

Oh by the way that name is pronounced Connie.
Sounds awesome! Keep me updated.

-- Sun Nov 24, 2013 10:45 am --

Sounds awesome! Keep me updated.
I am on the SS as, well, shnoodlec. :)
Befor I really start this story I want to introduce a few of the major charecters.
Charecter Relation to Main Charecter Age Location
Kani Main Charecter 12 Iowa
Jill Mom 37 Iowa
Jeff Dad 39 Iowa
Jaydon Twin Brother 12 Iowa
Mitch Older Brother 17 Iowa
Katrie Older Sister 19 Colorado
Monty Older Brother 23 Iowa
Mckenna best friend 12 Seattle Washington

So here goes,
Untill Kani was 11 years old she lived in Seattle with her family except Katrie who works in Colorado as a teacher in the Montrose area of Colarado ( about 4 hours away from Colorado Springs). While in Seattle she swam on her schools swim team along with her brother Jayden.
Her mother is a docter and Monty is a nurse. Her dad is a potter and Mitch Jayden and Kani are now homeschooling on there farm in Iowa. Katrie is still teaching.
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