Inspiration-For the Warrior's Heart. (Rise Up People of God!

You can stop messing around and get yourself right with God. – Jack Alan

It’s really that simple. We all seem to have reached an inevitable point in some place in our lives. Have we given our all to Jesus? Have we all like sheep gone astray? Or perhaps we’ve sprung up fast on the rocky soil and then fallen away. The countries on all the continents have had uprisings and rebellions. Governmental leaders have been overthrown. I’m really not surprised as Jesus told us to expect this (Matthew 24:1-10). But I am concerned. There is forces at work today that can only be comprehended by those completely in tune with God. It’s time for all of us to give ourselves over to prayer and battle preparations; Are you ready for this?
The world is being shaken and right now we are in the eye of the hurricane! Wake up Church! Rise up Men of God! Rise up you valiant men! Rise up you valiant people! My Brethren we’re is your swords and shields? Bring them out of that closet and to the forefront. You’re a people like no other! Set apart, chosen, holy that is what the God of the Universe calls you and me. As depraved and sinful as we are He’s chosen us to be his forces to fight the darkness of this world.
But first we have to defeat the darkness in our own hearts and that’s not something we can do ourselves we need a Savior, a mighty warrior king who looked at the cross and then looked at his people in love and said I will take there iniquity! Have we forgotten what this means? Do you not realize that we are redeemed by grace and no longer enslaved in this world? The rebellion has begun God is gathering his forces now! Right now you are a part of the story that the almighty is writing. Do not lose heart and do not fear. Now is the time. The Trumpet has been blasted and the forces of darkness are setting up strongholds in our nation, in our towns, even in our own homes. Run straight at these and break them down pull out your sword and cut them at the quick.

We will not falter, We will not fail, and God Will be Glorified!
Agreed! Too often we set aside the sword of the spirit, which is the word of God. We desperately need the word of the Lord. We need the whole armor of God!
Ephesians 6:10-20
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