Stuff You've Been Reading Recently

I've been listening to the audio book of all the Sherlock Holmes stories. I really like the mysteries and seeing how he solves them. ;) I've listened to about... 30-50 hours of it now. :P

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I love Sherlock Holmes also. It must be really fun to listen to. I am reading Gifted Hands by Ben Carson. It is a pretty good read.
I'm reading a Tale of Two Cities and Farhenheit 451. A Tale of Two Cities is kind of hard to follow...
Tale of Two Cities was fine....
I am reading the Shenandoah Sisters series.

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Tale of Two Cities was, "fine". But the Shendoah Sisters!? Phooey on Cities, that sounds like a masterpiece!

As for me, has anyone heard of the New York Times bestsellers, The Land of Stories? They're about all the fairy tale characters living together in one connected universe and it's delightful fun. The author has a fine grip on the morals and characters of the fairy tale world and *gasp* actually portrays them lovingly rather than reforming their horribly anti-feminist, morally black and white ways! They're funny and, being middle grade, super easy reading.
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