Favorite Book Series

What's your favorite book series? I have lots that I like. The Hardy Boys and Boxcar Children come to mind. Though I'd like to get ahold of the Maximum Ride series.
Mine is probably the Harry Potter series. \:D/
Mine is the Staff and Sword Trilogy. Amazing stuff.
HUNGER GAMES!!!! *cough* Hands down my favorite book series is the hunger games. :D I love them! <3 I also like Narnia and Gallagher girls by Ally Carter. But my #1 favorite is the hunger games! :D
What is forever..? Well I'll see you once that has past.<3
Excellent choices, Bren, Ninja and Wakko.

Excellent question, too. I know what my favorite book is, but series... Perhaps mine is Narnia as well. But if not that, either Redwall or Eragon. But now it comes to my mind that probably my favorite series are what I call the "Billy and Bonnie books." The Dragons in Our Midst series and the sequels. Yes, now I've finally made up my mind. Those are very contemporary and dear to my heart, as good as close to a perfection of all the modern world has learned about the sleekness of writing and exciting the reader as can be found.
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