The Whit's End Podcast: Newscast 5

So, Bird and myself haven't really had much time to edit podcasts but I was able to get a new blog post made for those looking for help with Christmas gift ideas.
Good ideas. Do they have AIO gift cards I wonder...
I think that needs to be a FB birthday option :yes:
A new episode of The Whit's End Podcast is now available! Listen as we eat brownies, do Christmas-y type things, and go crazy. It's our 2013 Christmas Special!

Special thanks to our own RyanCummings for editing this episode! If it wasn't for him, this would be released some time in... January... ish.

Listen now!
I love popcorn!!
"Stupid is another word for creative! ...I think..."
Hehe. I thought instead of brownies, you said bronies. I was like, "Okay, we don't ALL like MLP, but that's a bit harsh."

Anyhoo, cool! I'm off to listen!
I am on the SS as, well, shnoodlec. :)
What do rants about the OAC, teeth extractions, and Album 58 have in common? They are all points of discussion in the newest episode
In case you haven't noticed, we have a new episode up now! :D We have a special guest on this episode. And even if it was all very last minute, it turned out great and we had a blast!

Episode 79: Listen here!

Also just want to say that we will be releasing new episodes on a weekly basis at least until Christmas! Stay tuned because we have some awesome things planned. :)
I love popcorn!!
"Stupid is another word for creative! ...I think..."
We have now released both parts of our Paul McCusker Q&A.

Part 1
At long last, we present to you our interview with Paul McCusker! Listen in as we ask him the hard-hitting questions that you sent in. He answers questions about Jason and Connie, the inspiration behind the Odyssey book series, just what is canonical, and even touches on Album 58: The Ties That Bind. It’s an emotional roller coaster that you won’t want to miss! Well, maybe not exactly that… but we do hope you enjoy the first part of this Q&A.

Part 2
We are so happy to present the second part of our Q&A with Paul McCusker! In this final installment, Paul continues answering the questions you sent in. Some of the exciting topics include Connie’s future work, Whit’s friends, Album 58, future storylines, as well as other projects that Paul has been involved with. It’s the exciting conclusion that you won’t want to miss. Please enjoy!
Hey, everybody! We're trying to post on all the boards again when we upload new episodes. (Though you probably already figured that out. :P ) Anyway, today we have good news and less good news.

The good news: We have another new podcast today! In it, we speculate on the 2015 season of the OAClub. Listen to it now! ( <- click there ;) )

The less good news: We won't be able to record a proper full-on podcast for the next little while. But we will be back in the springtime! Look out for occasional newscasts in the meantime!

Hope that you all enjoy!
I love popcorn!!
"Stupid is another word for creative! ...I think..."
We are happy to present our latest newscast.
Can't wait for you guys to start up regular production!
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