Album 57

Well, all of Album 57 has finally aired. And i for one am very curious to know what everyone thinks! (Probably not wise to read on if you haven't heard Life Expectancy yet....)

Personally, I haven't heard Your Servant is Listening and The Friend Formula, but I will soon. I liked a few of the stand-alone episodes (the ones that weren't two or three parters I mean) but thought a lot of those side storylines were unnecessary. However, I LOVED Life Expectancy and The Pilot. Those were fantastic episodes, some of the best that AIO has done in a while. And that was not a tear in my eye at Life Expectancy nope nope nope

What did you guys think? Of both Life Expectancy/the Pilot and of the rest?
An owl and a squirrel are sitting in a tree, watching a farmer go by. The owl turns to the squirrel and says nothing, because owls can't talk. The owl then eats the squirrel because it is a bird of prey.
Well, I enjoyed most of the album. Repent After Me goes close to the top since it mentions my name though. I'm not a big fan of Big Trouble Under The Big Top though.
I really loved No Chemistry Whatsoever because it put Connie in so many funny situations. Life Expectancies was really sad but I like that one to. My favorite in this album though was The Pilot I loved all the twists and turns and it was just an hour of AWESOMSAUCE. I listened to it one Saterday Morning and couldn't wait till the next week to hear the rest.
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