751 The Ties That Bind, Part 1

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It’s a time of surprises as Wooton becomes the celebrity guest at Comic-Connellsville - and encounters an unexpected visitor. Whit finds himself in conflict with Ms. Adelaide over the upcoming “Let’s Get Together Festival” in Odyssey.

Liked it, but Matthew's new voice sounds like he needs a double shot of espresso. Odyssey seems to be handling the issues very tactfully so far, but we'll see. Excited to hear the rest!
Matthew's new voice reminded me of Riley from Album 57, the episode called The Friend Formula, with Jay teaching a new kid (Riley) how to make friends. Therefore I'm wondering if both characters are played by the same actor.
Album 58 is on iTunes!! \:D/
I listened to The Ties that Bind. Does that count? What comic books? O.o
Ignorance to the law is no excuse!
I used comic books for the rating system because of Comic Connellsville
I didn't like Jules.
Ignorance to the law is no excuse!
May I ask why?
She was rather boring. Also, in part 2 she's up to something with Vance King. :x
Ignorance to the law is no excuse!
Well, Jules gets pretty interesting later on.
And, the clash with Jay Smouse, and Wooton's cousin is confusing...if you know what I mean...
Ignorance to the law is no excuse!
Hmm.. I like the character of Jules. And interesting addition to Odyssey. Also, Olivia's character is turning out to be interesting from part three.
She is a very nice character. She's my new favorite.

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