731: More Than a Feeling

Camilla is concerned that her newfound faith is wavering since she doesn't feel as excited about it anymore. Meanwhile, Connie tries to get Eugene and Katrina to break out of the routine in their marriage.

As for me, this was probably my least favorite episode in Album 57. I say this because the Camilla sub-plot just felt....boring. She didn't sound very sincere when she was excited about her faith, which made it hard to tell whether it was the fault of the acting or script, or if she was just faking it. And in the end, it seemed like the lesson learned by Camilla was WAY different than that which was learned by Eugene and Katrina. Frankly, this episode could have been better if it had been like the episodes released around albums 30-40, where they were half-episodes stuck together.

Also, I would have much rather had this episode me more about Eugene and Katrina. I am much more interested in their lives and what they are going through than I am about Camilla shouting corny praise at the TV about why she loves Jesus. Not that I don't think we should be excited about Jesus, but again, it felt like Camilla was faking it, and not really being sincere in her faith.

So in conclusion, this episode could have been made better if it was more about Eugene and Katrina. Because again, I really enjoyed that part of the episode. It just felt like Camilla's side plot distracted from that part of the episode, and they would have been better off making them separate episodes.

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I thought this episode was good. While the two plots seemed to be unrelated I really thought they complimented each other nicely. While some of the Camilla scenes seemed a tidbit exaggerated or fake, I thought the scene with Whit helping her out had some strong quotes to be remembered. Overall I thought this episode deserves a 3.3/5 or a 75%.
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