OAC Battleground

What does everyone think of the soon coming OAC? So far the e-mails haven't impressed me.
I think they will have Connie engaged and married on OAC and that is not a complement.
What is OAC?
Oddessy Adventure Club.
I highly, HIGHLY doubt that Connie would be engaged and married on a program that's meant to be exploring missions and related topics. Story developments like that would in most likely be saved for the normal show. Especially since that is what it would effect mostly. Although I do think that the OAC stories would play in to the falling in love part of that equation. :yes:
I love popcorn!!
"Stupid is another word for creative! ...I think..."
I think the sample e-mails have stunk.
I hope they don't do any MAJOR plot lines like kill Whit marry Connie or Jason for that matter in the OAC. If they do I will never listen to Odyssey again. and give up my dream to want to write for Odyssey.
OAC Battleground... I like it, Bren.
That's what I'm hoping too, Dolphin. But either way, they're taking half the episodes they make, not a few but half and charging ninety dollars for them. And, let's admit it, Dave Arnold and Paul McCusker did a fairly lame job promoting it in their podcast interview. What they mainly focused on that we would get is "chances" to be made "aware" of chances to help charities. In other words, one of the things we'll get for our ninety bucks in advertising. Doesn't everyone on earth have enough charities everywhere online and in our mailbox that want our time, time, time, money, money, money, work, work, work? We all love charities, but whoever says, "I don't get enough ads from charities, I to pay to get more advertising"?
And the other stuff the club offers... Clubhouse magazine? What AIO fan worth his applesauce doesn't get that already? As for the episodes, how may episodes do you already own? Do you want to buy the ones you already have and pay the exorbitant cost of streaming them? Didn't think so.
Pal Mcusker and Dave did make a good point, though. They pointed out that AIO is a non-profit minsitry. In other words, the expensive and incredibly sophisticated and high-quality product of story telling, acting and sound design that is AIO is brought to us for nothing. Now we all know this, but do we realize it? It's hard to think of ourselves as recipients of gifts when we dish out twenty dollars with every bit of ministry we get. What would you say if someone walked to up to you saying, "I want to give you a lovely ministry, but it costs twenty bucks"? But the fact remains, AIO isn't made for profit. We are in no way entitled to it. This wonderful part of our lives that we grew on, continue to grow with, and grow in Christ through, is, in a sense, a gift.
In other words, even though some of us loyal fans will be missing out, maybe if AIO does make more money this way, it'll be worth it.
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