Favorite Thing About AIO in 2015

What holds your current interest in Adventures in Odyssey? For me, it's the fact that we're getting back to the character story arcs. There are several going on right now. Wooton and Penny, Connie dealing with the loss of her mom and the addition of a half sister, Buck and the Meltsners, and to cap it off, we have Whits health issues. It's kinda like the days of the Grady, Leonard, and Mandy's parents storylines.
Two characters that belong togethrr actually did end up together.
Here's to that, Tyres.

Personally, I adored The Ties that Bind as a good springboard for discussion of culture's impact on family.

I also actually did like some of the OAC eps. Most of them were meh as ever, but I did enjoy Pinocchio and one or two others. We also got one of the most entertainingly, jaw droppingly, bizarrely what-the-heck-am-listening-to bad episodes: Walter's Flying Bus.
OK. People still post here.


The only reason I'm here is because I'm sick/bored and don't want to do homework xD
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