To Listen Early or Wait?

When do you listen?

When it airs in the OAC
No votes
When it airs on the radio
50% - 1 votes
When I buy the album
50% - 1 votes
Total votes: 2
As things have changed in the AIO world, the time to listen has as well. Back in the day, when AIO was airing on OnePlace, the new episodes went up on Tuesdays. It wasn't much of a question to listen early. At least not for me. As time continues, I have found people who think you should wait till it airs on the radio or online to listen to new episodes. There are even those who won't listen till they have the album. What do you think? When is the right time to listen to new episodes? Is it wrong to listen early?
I like to listen as they come out (unless some one hacks them. Mwhaw.)
Listen as soon as possible for me.
I used to be a stubborn not-listen-till-have-the-whole-albumer. Because, sonny, that's how we did it in them days. But I'm softening up. There are just so many ways to hear it now. On Whit's End, through download, on the OAC. My policy is still save a little for the CDs to make the moment of actual physical ownership more special. But with the albums now only six episodes, I'm not so sure I'll even do that.
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