Album 59: Taking the Plunge

Well, seeing as how no one has created a topic about this, I will.

What do you guys think about there only being 6 episodes?
Well, for one thing it changes the uniform look of the albums. Just look at how different a shelf would be.

You're going from one look to a different one after 58 albums. One positive I see is that it's easier for kids to take care of. Jewel cases aren't always durable, so the cardboard switch I could live with. The weird thing is they are supposed to be doing 2 of these smaller albums in a year. But, with the way they are releasing things months in advance to OAC and then radio 4 months later, I don't see how they will cram 59 and 60 into 2015 unless they release 60 to OACers while 59 is on the radio.
I would imagine that they would just move up the OAC release so that it's not four months.
Tis not the case. It'll be officially announced tomorrow that us OACers get the album in May, it'll be ready for digital download in July, comes out on CD in August, and it'll air on the radio next fall (probably September or October)
Interesting. Well, can't wait!
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