AIO Headcanons

What are some of your headcanons about AIO? One of mine is that Whit is secretly an exiled Time Lord, and the Imagination Station is his early prototype of a replacement TARDIS.
Here are a couple of mine:

1. Richard Maxwell: After Richard left Odyssey he and Connie stayed in touch. She sent him letters with bible verses in the foooters and on occassion he'd ask a question or two regarding them. Eventually Richard gets curious enough about Christianity to become a Christian himself. (Fast forward) In recent letters Richard hears about Jeff Lewis returning to Odyssey, and becomes slightly jealous. He returns to Odyssey where he professes his love for Connie, but Jeff has already proposed to Connie. Connie feeling overwhelmed prays about the situation. She feels Jeff's lifestyle would require too much moving around. Richard's would be easier to handle, but leaving Odyssey? To add to the mess Jason also professes his love for her and then she wakes up from the love-infused nightmare.(Hahaha, no I don't want this to actually happen. XD)

2. I've considered it a possibility that Chuck Norris is one of Jason's aliases and that they are one and the same.
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