Favorite Story Arc

Favorite Story Arc?

Blackgaard Saga
No votes
Novacom Saga
60% - 3 votes
Search For Eugene's Father Saga
No votes
Grady's Father OR Mandy's Parents Arc
No votes
Green Ring Conspiracy
40% - 2 votes
Total votes: 5
What has been your favorite story arc that AIO has done so far?

Mine has to be Green Ring. It feels very close-knit in the episodes and the pacing is good.
I couldn't remember Novacom, so I chose Green Ring Conspiracy.

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Novacom of course. Listened to it like five times.
Yeah, Novacom was good also.
Novacom all the way!
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It's hard for me to narrow it down to just one because there are so many good ones. Having experienced the divorce of my parents, I really enjoyed the story-arc with Mandy's parents. I also enjoyed GRC, in part because of the return of Monty.
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