Your Favorite Post-Hiatus Album

What is your favorite post-hiatus album

51: Take it from the Top
No votes
52: Cause and Effect
No votes
53: The Green Ring Conspiracy
No votes
54: Clanging Cymbals...and the Meaning of God's Love
No votes
55: The Deep End
No votes
56: The Grand Design
33% - 1 votes
57: A Call to Something More
67% - 2 votes
Total votes: 3
What has been your favorite post-hiatus album? Mine has been Album 57. It feels like AIO has fully regained its footing after the unsteady albums 51 and 52. Discuss below!
Mine is possibly..... hmm. I do not know.
Possibly 55. I enjoyed the unique format, with each episode serving a specific purpose in the live of the characters and overall plot lines of Odyssey.
52 was boring. 51 - I've only heard "For the Birds". "Wooton knows best" was OK. I came to hate Wooton less. :) - which was 54 by the way.
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