Boundless Podcast: Featuring Nathan Hoobler and Tara Kelly

So I was browsing through FB right before Sunday morning service and I happened to see a post from someone who used to help with marketing at Focus. Sometimes things don't catch my eye but this was for the Boundless Podcast and amung the guests were Nathan Hoobler and Tara Kelly (his fiancee). I knew they were engaged but I didn't know the backstory to it. They covered that in the segment. It even tied in things such as his accident a year or so ago. Josh said it best. "His love story with Tara is such a miraculous testimony of God working, drawing two people together in unlikely circumstances"

Thank you so much for posting that lovely podcast, bren. I got to find out more about Nathan's personality. And I am so THRILLED. Nathan's getting married! Hooray!
Tara sounds very sweet and cool and perfect for our Nathan. And it seems he's absolutely right for her too. God bless them.
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