Adventures in Odyssey's Final chapter

This is a topic that has come up for time to time. What would be a satisfying ending to odyssey? Are there events that you'd want to see within the final chapter? What are your thoughts?

I was thinking about it, and there's a couple things that I think would make a good final chapter to odyssey.

The album before would end in a cliff hanger. It would end in a very dramatic way foreshadowing the predictable closing. It would open story lines for several advances in each of six characters lives. For example: the main theme of the album could be Gods will. At the conclusion of the previous album whit could die. With the event it would open up the door for the future of Whits End, Eugene and Katrina could consider moving away from odyssey, and penny and Wooton could get married, Connie could consider running Whits end, and Jason could battle between deciding to keep running J&J antiques or help with Whits End.

Those are examples but using those this would be my ideal format for the concluding album.

The first six episodes would be stand alone episodes focusing on one specific character and focus on the decisions being made or their place within the story. It would also include memories and flashbacks of previous episodes. These six episodes would be as if they took place within the same day so there would be very little interaction between main characters of other episodes, but there might be some overlap.
The last six episodes would bring everything together. The characters would interact with each other's stories and care about the others situations. There'd be more opportunities for flashbacks during Eugene and Katrina's going away party, and wooton and penny's wedding, and Connie and Jasons going through Whits things at Whits house and Whits End. Also ideally it would hint at a way for a spin off series to take off. Some way for 50 more albums to spawn from a new direction for the show.

This is very based upon where stories lie now, and honestly I don't know how well the examples would fit with the stories they have planned. However I would like that format to happen. It'd be a great way to wrap things together and a great nostalgic way to wrap up the show. Also the flashbacks would be a way to honor voices of those no longer on the show/passed away. I also realizing that killing whit would be a drastic thing to do. BUT if it were to happen I would stick it at the end of the show to symbolize the passing of an old era and the beginnings if a new one.
I thought that was very interesting. I haven't thought much about formally ending the Odyssey we've grown up with and allowing it to move on into a "new" Odyssey.
I believe, as much as I love Whit, it is time to let him die. He is such a wonderfully developed character, but I think there is a time where it's best for the show when a main character dies.
Your format for how the album after could go is one I really like. The idea of having flashbacks and specific episodes about each character sounds ideal. I think that album idea would be good for the show and its listeners. I think it's time to close the chapter on the Odyssey most of us have grown up on, and allow the next chapter to beginning.
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Even after all this time, I still have a problem seeing Andre as the Whit that we know, standing at the counter offering advice. The fact of the matter is Andre just has a different approach to the role and life in general from what we've seen. Compare his live performances to the way other actors do them. All that being said, I'm not sure I'd want an Odyssey without Whit. He is the glue that holds the town together.
While that is true in some ways, I think Odyssey could survive and it has survived before without Whit. It would be a tragic moment for the show, but it would be such a great way to introduce a new spin off of Odyssey.

Now I'm not saying that it would have to happen now. But if you really think about it, Will, and Andre and Townsend are getting older. What if they went ahead and recorded the final episodes so they'd have them for worse case scenario. I.e. decide not to replace them/can't replace them and then proceed with a spin off.
Will is getting old, but Andre still has at least ten years left, hopefully. Townsend is only 60, so he should give AIO another fifteen years at least.
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