Album 58: The Ties that Bind

So, the AIO team was in the studio this week recording for Album 58.

Pictures from the session
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So we have a title for the album. Reddo from AIO Wiki confirmed it with Nathan Hoobler. Here's what we know.

The confirmed writers for this album are Bob Hoose, Nathan Hoobler, Marshal Younger, and Kathy Buchanan.
Jason Whittaker will appear in at least one episode in this album.
The winners of the summer 2013 A.C.T.S.! Contest will appear in a bonus feature for this album.
This album will have some of it's episodes based on the concepts from Focus on the Family's The Family Project
There's a rumor going around that Shona was in the studio this week

I believe that this is a good title, probably one of my favorites, since I am a big fan of hymns. There isn't much speculating on my end of the Internet, but I do hope Shona does appear in this album, specifically as Jules. Continuing that storyline would be a positive for many fans, I think.
Cool. I would love to have Shona back.
First off I'd like to note that The Ties that Bind is also the name of an episode. I'm curious as to if it's a multi-part episdoe. Secondly, here's my speculation.

Theory one: Building Connie's character.
It could be a reflection episode of sorts. She could learn of different ties that her Mom had to people and in particular specific people that she made a huge influence on. Could also include flashbacks to scenes involving June, some in episodes, and some not. It could mainly focus and follow Connie. Kinda similar to the idea of Silent Night. The hymn similar to the episode name was originally sung as a farewell. It could be symbolic in that sense.

Theory two: Dealing with Jason
The ties that bind could be some sort of reference to Jason's connection to the NSA, FBI, and all other involvement in spies, and deception. It could really develop Jason's spiritual growth, and wrestle out a battle inside of him. I hope we'll see some gradual growth in Jason. We've not seen Jason's spiritual side for a while, and this kind of thing could be interesting.

Theory three: Hymn back story
I don't really think this is a huge possibility. The back story of a hymn really wouldn't be important enough to also claim the title of the album. If they tied in the back story, I'm more inclined to think that it'd be as part of dealing with June's death as noted in theory one.

Theory Four: Parkers
The Parker family could be trying spend more time as a family. They've been spending a lot of time in the confines of their own spaces. David is inspired to do more things as a family, but has trouble finding things they all truly agree on. How can he get the point across that it's not about they do as a family but that it's time spent together? With Whit's help, David and Eva send the kids on three separate IS adventures. They experience three different family situations. I.e: Orphanage, single parent home, and an abusive family situation. So then they appreciate family time a bit more, and agree to ALL participate even though some activities may not be as fun as other activities.

Side note: Theory one and two are theories for occurances in the album as well not necessarily this episode. Theory four is for this specific episode.
Wasn't Shona in the studio when they sang Chris the happy birthday song-- AFTER her A.C.T.S. stuff was done?
I am on the SS as, well, shnoodlec. :)
Apparently, the good folks at focus have decided that we who are willing to pay $180 dollars for AIO Netflix will get Album 58 early.
For those who have access to the AIO Netflix- yay tomorrow is the first episode! Of course we've already heard it on the podcast...

It's the small things in life though, eh?
I can't believe Wooton asked Penny to marry him and then they ended the episode! Worst cliffhanger ever!!! :o
"You hit the nail on the proverbial head."
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I have only heard the first one I do not belong to OAC. Frankly,. I'm quite happy to keep it that way. I prefer to hear them once they're out. It's just more exciting when the album comes in the mail if it's choc full of episodes you've never heard. Hearing them individually, you don't get that one big smash of excitement. But I'm happy for all you OACers. :)
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