Free Willy

Has anyone seen the movie Free Willy? If so, what did you think of it?
Which one? There are quite a few Free Willies. I remember we had it on tape when I was little and the orca saved the brat kid, but not much else.
The brat kid?
He was in foster care or something and had issues.
He might have acted bratty at first. I recently got the 4 DVD set.
So you like them?
Sure do. Tis one of the few movies I've watched in my life.
So you don't watch movies much?
I've always been taught most movies are bad so I never really watch them.
There are a lot of good movies out there. Granted you'll never find a perfect movie and there are a lot of bad ones. There's way too much cussing and other stuff in movies these days, but there are good quality ones too.
I have watched three of the movies. I liked them all but the second.
That's interesting because for me I found it a little harder to enjoy the 3rd one. Jesse I enjoy but I couldn't really enjoy the whalers.
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