Are Disney Movies So Innocent?

I've decided that I'm not going to let my kids (when I have them) watch quite a few Disney movies that I can literally quote from watching when I was a child. I realize now the subtle insinuations that can be a harm to a child's way of thinking. I'm definitely not letting my kids watch The Princess and the Frog, or whatever it's called. I mean taro cards? Come on.
Most all Disney movies, have had certain elements of innuendo and yes, looking at all disney movies, they contain elements of magic and I would support your decision
I haven't watched many of the Disney movies, because of that reason, Humby. The only Disney movies that I've watched are some of the older ones, like Mary Poppins, as well as some of the princess ones, like "Cinderella," "Beauty and the Beast," "Snow White," and "Tangled" (Rapunzel). My parents never let me watch "The Little Mermaid" because she disobeyed her father, and they made it look okay. Now that I'm old enough that I could watch it, I don't frankly care about doing so. ;) Any Disney movies I've watched are borrowed from the library or elsewhere, because my family doesn't support Disney in any way.

You do want to keep in mind how this will affect your children in the current culture.
I am glad that my parents didn't let me watch all the Disney movies that I wanted to. However, I appreciate that they let me watch some of the most classic ones, so that I don't feel misplaced in our culture. After every (rare) time that I watched a Disney movie with my siblings, my parents would talk with us about what isn't right in it. For example: in "Snow White," the witchcraft wasn't right, it wasn't right that the Prince kissed her before they were married, and, as with all Disney princess movies, they made the princess (Snow White) seem very beautiful by the world's standards, and perfect all the way around. Because of that last reason, we weren't allowed to watch any Disney princess movie whenever we wanted, but we were familiar with the basic story lines.
Because my parents did it this way for some of the most classic Disney movies, I not only am able to better relate with our current culture (which comes in handy when witnessing to others about Jesus), but it also helped me develop my critical thinking at an early age. Instead of my parents completely protecting me from any and all bad, they showed me how to think through the rights and wrongs of of movies and books.
"Seven times a day do I praise thee because of thy righteous judgments." Psalm 119:164
That's a good point, Sunshine. I do believe more parents should sit down and explain to kids the rights and wrongs of what they're letting their kids watch. And I hate it when they make it look ok to disobey your parents. Like it's a good thing.
To be honest, my parents let me watch most Disney animated movies, and I grew up with The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Toy Story, etc. However, I didn't watch Snow White until I was around 10, with good reason. (Those trees would have totally freaked me out when I was little). I've yet to watch The Princess and The Frog, and Brave, because of what you guys have already mentioned. But comparing Disney animated films to their movies with acting and such, it gets even worse. Pirates of the Caribbean, (which I've also never watched) really doesn't seem like a "kids" movie to me, from what I've heard about it, and from looking at my cousins POTC Lego sets. I am looking forward to Frozen, which is coming this month, and it seems like it will be a good movie (don't judge me if it's not ;) ). I agree, some parts of Disney movies can be bad, even in Tangled when Flynn says something about how rebeling is a part of growing up. But all the same, I love all these movies and will probably let my kids watch them.
The Disney channel is way more blatantly insinuative. They often make inappropriate comment or situations. They often disguise bad in evil.
What I have seen is all on Youtube or the internet. But most of the things you all mentioned are a forighn langauge to me. I saw Mickey Mouse, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Winnie the Pooh.... So I believe when my children (if I ever get any) are at a certain age I will let them watch Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh bbuutt maybe not Jake. Ya I just remebered that is all disney jr. I like everything I mentioned.
I watch disney stuff, and I havn't seen anything bad in it. Maybe I'm just not that observant....
yeah i've never seen anything bad in disney stuff either, Daniel.
Other than crude remarks occasionally skimpy dressing and their morals aren't all that right.
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