It's time to Let it Go

I was thinking the other day about the song Let it Go. No other time in my life has a Disney song been so widespread and stuck in people's heads. It was released late November, and has been sung by so many people I know, so often, for so long. I mean, we are talking half a year since the movie was released! You would think people would, well...let it go.

What are your thoughts on this?

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If I hear that song one more time....
It's gotten so annoying. Frozen is a good movie but way to over-hyped.
Let it go forever!

Sorry, I just really like that song, and pretty much everything Frozen. Definitely won't last forever, but while it's here we might as well enjoy it. :)
Woah, has it really been out that long... And I'm still hearing it everywhere?? Impressive. O.o

I think it's a catchy tune and *coughs* I may have memorized all the words to it.* Although, I personally like Do You Wanna Build a Snowman better ;)
No. Just no.
I have never heard it.....
Blitz wrote:I have never heard it.....

:shock: Please, let me enlighten you so that you too may have the pleasure of having the same song stuck in your head for days... Probably even years.

Enjoy \:D/

The only way I would listen to it is if you visited us when your in Ghana. Otherwise I will continue in bliss of ignorance. ;)
I may or may not have sung this song more times than are countable. It's fun because it's challenging to the vocal range and you can put a lot of intense emotion into it. And as Stella said, it is catchy.
It is still fun to sing/listen to every now and then. Although it's starting to get a little old.

Btw, you've probably already seen this.. But if not, you really should. :D
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I just learned that my orchestra is playing Frozen this fall. SAVE ME!!!!
Ouch. Have fun. I'll get the body bag.
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