What'd You Think of Frozen?

It was great!
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It was a good movie.
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Meh. It was a'ight.
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That may be the worst movie I ever saw.
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Total votes: 2
Have you seen Frozen yet? A lot of people were worked up about seeing it before it came out (just like with every other movie Disney releases) ;) And yes.. I was one of the ones that was really looking forward to it. And I wasn't disappointed. It had a good storyline, and could relate to a broad range of ages (who doesn't want to build a snowman, find a love that's true, and be free from peer pressure? ;) )
Yes, there were quite a few songs, but all of them fit in well, were well-written, and catchy. I really liked how they gave it a fresh twist instead of the same ending as every other princess fairy tale. And even seemed to parody themselves a little in that aspect. x)

What'd you guyses think?
And with which character would you most closely identify?
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I have not seen but every girl I know loves it.
Guy here. Frozen was great, definitely best Disney movie I've seen in a long time. I really liked the complexity of the plot, and how they really broke the mold.
Making Hans a liar in the end was a great decision.
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