19 Kids and Counting

Does anyone watch this show? Up until yesterday, I'd heard about it but never seen it. I was browsing through Facebook and saw a screenshot of Nathan Hoobler from when the Duggars were at Focus and I decided to go check to see if I could find the episode. I watched one episode and was hooked. It's cool since they live in Arkansas and their 19th child was a premie and they had complications so she was kept in Childrens Hospital and they moved to Little Rock for a while to be nearby. It was just cool to watch what had been filmed here. Like the state capitol building.
I have seen the show. I don't watch it regularly though.

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I watched them along time ago. When they were only 16 and counting.
I watch them occasionally...I did last weekend....I know all thier names by memory....
It's a great show! We always look for it when we're someplace that has cable.
We watch 19 and counting on Netflix.
I love their show! I watch it every tuesday when it comes on! I think they are such an example.
I've started watching their show a bit the past couple weeks, but I don't regularly watch it. It's still good though. (I'm actually meeting.. I can't remember his name.. Their second oldest boy. My brothers do the same Alert Cadet program as they do, so he's coming to speak to the five or so families at a banquet they're holding)
That is sooo cool! I got to meet them at a book signing a couple of months ago!
Did you know they were in Courageous?
yes, I remember seeing them on there!
Did anyone watch the season premiere on Tuesday?
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