The Old Gang

Hey guys. ;) so this is a topic for all those that previously used to post on the "Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast", (on to unite once again and be able to understand all the inside jokes. :D if any of these bring back memories... > (AIO Chat, OCT 7th, Shmeebo, KTS, James Bond and Richard Simons chasing after money loaded stuffed sharks, Araia and William.) then this is the topic for you. ;) so how about it? Are you from the Old Gang? Just post on WE sometimes? Either way, let's talk it up. ;)

"What usually happens to me is I'll practice a piece of music and it will get stuck in my beard, and I'll have it memorized" -Me
*dies laughing* Oooh yes those money stuffed sharks! Who's idea was that again? I remember they were in a cave with me. Lil robot Ninja bunny ;) Good times!
What is forever..? Well I'll see you once that has past.<3
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