Bren's Big Birthday Bash!

Hey, everyone!

So tomorrow is Bren's birthday. It's a little short notice, but I was hoping that some of you would be free for a Google Hangout party to celebrate!

I was thinking 3:00 pm county time (aka central time).

If you're able to make it, post below.
I love popcorn!!
"Stupid is another word for creative! ...I think..."
4 PM tomorrow...I might be able to make it.
Hopefully, I can make it. :yes:
EDIT: Actually something came up, so I can't make it. >_>
I'll probably be able to make it. Might not be able to talk or anything though, I have some church techie stuff to do.
Bren kinda cancelled because his parents took him out for a while. But Ryan, myself and you can still chat!

That's too bad Wakko.

EDIT: ... tq727dngya

That's the link to the hangout.
I love popcorn!!
"Stupid is another word for creative! ...I think..."
I'm sorry I couldn't make it this weekend. Thank you guys for making the effort though. Overall I had a great birthday.
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