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What browser do you use? I have finally totally converted to Firefox. I happen to think Chrome is of the devil. Mobile means safari. I kind of wonder if anyone still uses IE.
Chrome has been good to me.
It's Chrome for me. Mobile safari as well.
I can see why you might think Chrome is of the devil, Bren. It doesn't work as well with older operating systems. I'm using Windows 7, and Chrome works REALLY well for me, especially since a lot of my online stuff is managed through a Google service (Gmail, Google Drive, Youtube, etc.). Chrome is great for things of that nature, and I have never had problems with it.

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Chrome works fine for me, so that's what I use. *shrugs* I use whatever browser my siblings use on the computer. ;)
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I have always used Firefox, but some months ago I "switched" to Chrome for what I refer to as its "Central Deity Function", by which I mean your ubiquitous account, having your Google+, Youtube, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Groups, and Google Calender all centralized. I still use Firefox for some functions, I especially find Youtube plays better there. Also when one browser has trouble, the other will usually be working. They've both been real swell to me over the years.

I use Chrome mostly, sometimes Mozilla Firefox.
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I use IE a lot because its the default. :anxious:
*bans Jericho for using IE* :P

Actually IE11 is OK.
I use Mozilla Firefox...So good luck beating that =P
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I DO use safari on my phone o:)
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