How did you get your username?

Exactly what the title says.
What inspired your username or what does it mean?

Shtakji is a fictional character I created by messing around with different letters until I got something I liked.
Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men.
Okay here goes.
Conquestor comes from conquistador. That was how I used to spell it.
Blitz is the German(or Dutch) word for lightning.
Coran GladeWatcher (chat name) is from my book.
I was originally going to do something along the lines of Jason, but that was taken, so I remembered in one of the episodes while Jason was running Whit's End he got called Mr. Whit's Son. So I replaced the "son" with "end"
I used to run a site called NarniaQA... Horrible site made with xD I learned how to actually make sites, btw. But I then when to the TCF podcast fan page, and needed a name. I figured, hey, why not advertise my bad site while I'm at it. NarniaQA got its name from Narnia, and then question answer... Because I can answer any Narnia question. xD
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Hmm, interesting backstories, people.

I came up with mine over a year ago when I was trying to come up with some new usernames and passwords. I wrote down random words (such as things I like, colors or stuff from books I've read, etc) and paired them up each other. IrishTiger can as a result of that.
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I got my name cause I just love Get Smart. It's so fun! :D
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God s you
I like Get Smart as well. :) *highfives*
Have the complete boxed set.
Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men.
I was going to go with my standard answer to this question, which is, "Well, my real name is Audreyissomuchcoolerthanyouandfunnierandbetteringeneral (my parents were weird. Although it is true, of course.) , so I just shortened it." but I realized my name on here is Audpod. I have too many usernames.

Honestly, I can't really remember. XD I think it miiiight have come from someone on the TCF message boards who was trying to think of a nickname for me. But I don't know. I just like how similar it is to iPod, aka my best friend.
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Well, about 6 years ago I made an account on (which I still have, but I don't play on it.) With the username of Gaberk, and that's what my username is for just about everything.
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Simple: Because of my wacky and rude arresting of several people in the SS Road Trip RPG. I also like Officer Harley, and I have simliarities with him. (listen to "Missed it by that Much.")
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My name is Jeri so it seemed a nice fit. :yes:
I actually started out on the SS and I registered thinking I would just try it out...So I chose my username off the top of my head and it was an extremely fast
process. So I got, "therealpaulajarvis." It's rather long though so I go by PaulaJarvis on the ToO and here :D
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I got mine by playing with my cousins a long time ago. I wish I could change it. I wonder if the admins would let me....

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Simply put, Renae is the French version of my Italian name Renata! \:D/
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There is a kinda long story behind my name because there are really 3 stories behind it. The Allie part is my nickname and has been for years now I used to go by Alex more when I was younger and more of a tomboy. Ninja comes from NinjaThrowingStar which is the title of a story I started writing years ago. Bunny. Hahaha here's the long part. So Wes, Lite and I were on Whit' one afternoon and we were playing around, the man in black had turned me into a lil robot bunny and the rest as they say is history! So that's how you get Allie_Ninja_Bunny :)
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