Space Renegades

Space Renegades
Let me take you to the year 2030. USA, for the last 10 years, has been secretly shipping out homeless people and engineers to space to build colonies. War on Earth has grown to a climax, and America decides it is time to attack from space. Simply capturing as the satellites in the air threw the world into America’s hands and thus America ruled until the Renegades began showing up.
Before we get to the Renegade factions let us explain a little of space travel. First and most importantly, the reason US was able to build a large fleet was through solar energy. A scientist came up with a solar energy generator that was capable of refining solar energy to an extraordinary level thus removing the need for fuel and the space taken up by fuel. In doing so America was able to build a large space fleet.
To make a space colony, several asteroids were pulled together using a gravity machine, and using solar energy to run most of the necessities, colonies grew fast. Other than that, Mars and some moons were used for colonies.
Now the Renegades are the rebels who agree on mainly one thing, America should not rule everything. But because of the diversity in opinions, they soon broke up into two faction and several sub factions. The True Renegades use less obvious means. They infiltrate the army, and effectively cut its efficiency by stealing money, messing up orders, and being a pain in the neck. For the most part they believe that America should retain the moon and all of earth but should free the rest of the galaxy. A few believe that America should free everything but its original lands, and a minority believe it should be utterly destroyed.
The pirates and the Class A (Assassin) Renegades are the balancing groups. Class A Renegades work for whoever pays the best. These are the top-of-the-line killers. Pirates ,usually, work for no one, but they sometimes receive support from others, even some time USA pays them to do something minute.
Then finally the Dominion Renegades. These are hard to tell apart from pirates, but they only attack US shipping and troops. Not only that, they actively support rebellions. But the main problem for them is that they lack the amount of money they need similar to terrorist. Unlike the True Renegades that are rolling in dough.
Who will you join? Will you support the weakening America and bring back to glory? Or will you fight the silent war, raiding quickly and quietly as a True Renegade? Or will you go all out and fight hard as a Dominion Renegade? Or will you take the hard path as man hated by every man, your only friend, your intelligence? Kill stealthily and mess in politics, or kill blatantly and hope a trooper does blow you up some day. Welcome to AD 2100.

Info section
Note- I can help you building your character
Space Travel
In space there is no gravity or friction so once you leave the atmosphere, you do not slow down. So if you hit the gas to go 60 miles you go 60 miles never slowing. So if you keep accelerating each minute 60 miles per hour you never slow down. Another aspect is the laser. Because space again has no gravity, lasers have no range limit unless in an atmosphere, but the problem is the distance you can shoot from depends on your skills and your computers skills. Energy shield are also in use.
There are 4 class of space ships but the size is irrelevant unless exiting or entering atmosphere and maneuvering in atmosphere. Class A is capable of accelerating and decelerating fast enough to reach the end of the known galaxy in one day, Class B in two days, and Class C in three days. Class D is no longer in general use because its energy uses outrun its ability to draw in solar energy.
Class A and B are capable of withstanding 10 direct hits with a laser depending on how much shielding it has and how strong it is. A Class A may be built just for speed and not for laser defense. Class C for the most part cannot withstand more than 5, but a few rare one are built with great energy shields.
Note- I can help you in building what ship you can create for yourself.
As seen, you must pick which team you will join here are the limitations-
Class A Renegade- Usually around late twenties to thirties, Very slick and brilliant, Special class craft, various identities, no crew
Pirate- Same age or older than assassin, smart but usually not slick, small crew, Class B or C craft, rugged and usually a quick gun, cannot set down anywhere but a specified port
True Renegade- Class A craft, Usually a great deal of crew to fly, same age has bosses, tends to be smart and more indoor type
Dominion Renegade- Class B, C, or D craft, scrap crew, 18-30 may be brilliant and deadly or slightly lower class, rugged and ready gun
American National Defense Fighter- Stay close to Earth, relatively smart and hardened, late twenties, Class A or special class, small or no crew
American normal fighter- Far-flung, varying between dimwitted to smart, 18-25, Class B-C, no crew to small crew
Battle commander- Far-flung, Brilliant, 35 and up, Class A(large ship), Huge crew

Free countries(all of these are involved in heavy fighting Thor and Odin oppose Loki)- Tares(80 asteroids in defense coat), Thor(100 asteroids in defense) , Odin(100 with so heavily damaged asteroids in defense), Bazan(70 asteroids in defense coat)
Battle line- Loki(50 remaining of the former 110), Dudan(80 asteroids some heavily damaged) , Leras(100 asteroids), Lurana(70 asteroids)
Mars- Heavily fortified and a main base.(200 asteroids)
Moon-Heavily fortified and main base of Earth Defense(300 asteroids)
Earth- Medium fortified.(100 asteroids)

Ship styles
Special crafts- Always Class A and vary in designs.
Regular Crafts- Always Class B, these have few variant and can usually be destroyed in a single shot from a good gun. (The Hornet and Wasp are the American regular crafts)
Cruisers- Carry one to two heavy gun capable of low atmosphere penetration and most shielding, carry small crews and rarely have space crafts attached to them, max space craft-10
Destroyer- Similar to the cruiser except they usually carry a few space crafts, Max space crafts-50
Frigate- Made for offensive power and low defense, large guns capable of penetrating atmosphere and all shielding except special shielding, usually escorted by cruisers or destroyers, always carries space craft, max space crafts-100
Battleship- Made for offensive and defensive powers, similar guns to the frigate along with supplementary guns, no space craft.
Space Carrier- Heavily armored and usually little offensive power save some defensive guns, always with space crafts, Max capacity- 300

Name: Saren Spacewalker
Affiliation: Class A Renegade
Eye color: Blue
Hair: Red
Height: 6 feet
Clothes: Usually a black armored styled complete suit
Overall looks: Hardened exterior, Almost slender but hard packed muscles.
Personality: Generally sarcastic with a touch of smoothness.
Abilities- A deadly gun man and even more deadly a space, light on his feet but not a extremely good hand to hand fighter.
Weird factor: Tends to think in a rather weird way.
History: Raised by a True Renegade, he was taught and trained early in the ways of space warfare. Eventually he had to run for his life with billions of dollars when his ‘father’ was killed in a raid by the American Tactical Space. From then on he has worked as an Assassin currently in good terms with America.
Space craft: Special Craft made by Neutron Tech. Named the Space Dragon, capable of penetrating an atmosphere with lasers and destroying a regular class A fighter in only three shots, one if well placed.
Location: Heading to Earth

Affiliation (American Nation Defense Fighter etc.):
Eye color:
Overall looks:
Weird factor: (not too weird)
Space craft: (talk to me about it)
Location: (talk to me)
Okay, this seems kinda involved and complicated, but I'll give it a shot.
Name: Mariah Owlton
Affiliation (American Nation Defense Fighter etc.): Class A Renegade
Eye color: one green, one brown
Age: 19
Hair: black, chopped short
Height: 5'7"
Clothes: Black hoodie, cargo pants, gray t-shirt
Overall looks: Rarely shows emotions, tough-girl look,
Personality: Sarcastic, very loyal, calm, but don't get her angry.
Weird factor: (not too weird) Loves books. Reads whenever she can.
History: Doesn't share her history with many. Only her closest friends know. Joined the Class A Renegades at age 17.
Space craft: Shaped like a dragonfly. Control panel is underneath. There is a rotating laser on top. Capable of destroying a Class A fighter in 5 shots, Class B in 4 and Class C in 2-3. Capable of withstanding only 4 shots from a Class A and etc. Is able to cross the galaxy in 12 hours.
Location: Lurana
2 Corinthians 12:10

Your money your singleness marriage talent and time
They were loaned to you to show the world that Christ is Divine ~Lecrae

Another thing about this RPG is that interaction is not going to be very high. Depending on what you are doing and where you are you can try as hard as you can to interact. The point of this RPG is to decide who will rule.
Name: Bree Westian
Affiliation: True Renegade
Eye Color: periwinkle
Age: 24
Hair: Long, straight, sliver with turquoise highlights
Height: 5'6
Clothes: Wears mainly brown plaid shirt with black velvet pants
Overall looks: Almost continuous subtle smile. When her right eyebrow lifts you know she is planning some thing or forming an opinion. A fair-looking woman.
Personality: Quiet and mysterious, but with a wry sense of humor.
Weird factor: She keeps a knife in the shape of a carrot in her left boot and a knife the shape of a beehive in her right boot.
History: Bree was raised on an elephant farm in a large family of 10. She left to be a smuggler at the age of 19.
Spacecraft: The White Silhouette is one of the fastest and stealthiest ships in the galaxy. She's class A. Her overall shape is oval with a large window in the shape of an eye in front. She has an invisibility force field. She's not much for offense, but is a pro with defensive tactics.
Location: Approaching Earth
Okay we can start now. Remember character interaction is encouraged but not necessary because of the wide scale.
What are we starting?
As soon as I make my intro post.
Is anyone doing anything here? If any one ever is here's my character:
Name: Elsie May
Affiliation (American Nation Defense Fighter etc.): Thieves (She is a part of a advanced society of a secret planet of thieves.)
Eye color: Blue
Age: 15
Hair: Blond
Height: 5.3
Clothes: Black hoodie, black pants, and black boots. And small silver necklace.
Overall looks: Beautiful, young
Personality: Loyal,
Skills: sword fighting, agile, electronic bow and arows, electro guns, steathy. I know she sounds perfect, but she is extremely vulnerable to any kind of periodex acid which kills on contact to body.
Weird factor: She actually is training her younger brother to be a thief.
History: Her family as always lived in the line of thieves. Her parents were killed by another society of thieves.
Space craft: Lightweight, Stealth 136
Location: Rodand, a secret planets known only to the Thieves, a dangerous, but safe-for-the-thieves place to live. The Thieves never steal from one another, only others. It has many weapons factories, and training facilities.

#The Truth
Frozen: It rules!
Emily: ERK thinks she rules, but the KRE knows the Truth.
Baby Animals: They are adorable!
Me: I chase turkeys with lawn chairs.
Sorry. This one died long ago. The only running RPG now is Revolt of the Gileadites which just started. Unless we can get at least two more people to join...
Okay I'll just do that instead.

#The Truth
Frozen: It rules!
Emily: ERK thinks she rules, but the KRE knows the Truth.
Baby Animals: They are adorable!
Me: I chase turkeys with lawn chairs.
I could join...
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