Another Story

Round Robin Style!

Once Upon a time, in a land really far away but still on Earth, a boy named Ryan lived in an igloo on a random floating ice thing. The random floating ice thing occasionally met up with other random floating ice things that had polar bears and other people with igloos. It just so happened that one day his big random floating ice thing met up with another that played home to something that changed his life for forever!!!!!
But before we get to that, we need to clarify a few things. Ryan, being a boy that lived all alone on this... ice cube, didn't know much about the world outside. When his ice cube met up with the grocery store's ice cube, he was able to get newspapers and magazines, which gave him a glimpse into what lay beyond the seemingly unending water. But otherwise, he had no clue what the "real world" was like.

Anyway... On this fateful day, Ryan was supposed to meet up with his friend Eduardo's ice cube, but he wanted to stay warm in bed while he waited. Eventually, he fell asleep from the comfort of his bed and the gentle bobbing of his ice cube.

Suddenly the ice cube shuddered as it ran into something. Ryan was unceremoniously tossed from his bed and woken from his slumber. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes. That must be Eduardo, Ryan thought to himself as he picked himself off the floor of his icy home.

Ryan slipped out to see his friend, but when he looked over at the other ice cube, he was surprised. Instead of his friend Eduardo's igloo, there was nothing. Absolutely nothing. Interestingly though, this new empty ice cube was impressively large. At least five times larger than his own ice cube, which made Ryan very curious about it. So he moored the two ice cubes with the heavy rope, as he normally did when meeting up with other ice cubes, and cautiously stepped into a new adventure.

Ryan barely took three steps when he felt the icy snow beneath his feet give away. He was suddenly enveloped by darkness as he fell down, the daylight becoming a small dot above his head.
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Ryan landed in a pile of pillows, and when he got out of the pile he saw a strange man sitting at a desk. The desk had a weird glowing thingy on it, the strange man seemed to be using the strange glowing thingy for something.

Ryan walked over to the strange man and asked what he was doing. The man replied in a harsh voice, "CAN'T YOU SEE I'M WORKING HERE!?!" and then turned around to face the strange glowing thingy again.

Ryan set out looking for a way out, but he couldn't even see the opening anymore. He tried to climb the walls, they were made out of a strange crumbly material, but every time he got to the ice, he slipped and fell back down.

P.S. I love how were all writing this in the third person.
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