Space Renegades- RPG

Saren spun his revolver. Technically not a revolver but designed like one. Made by the Luger company it was one of the few weapons that could go without recharge because of it's high sun charge. An alarm went off notifying him that he had one hour till he reached Earth. Time to dress the professional. He sid his revolver back into it's hiding place and went to change. He placed black contact and dyed his hair black. Perfect. Spacewalker felt the jolt of entering atmosphere and lept for the door, straightened himself and waited for it to open. Saren waltzed out of his ship with his out-of-my-way importance unlike his usually, don't notice me if you even do see me. Or his gunslinger pose.
Eventually he made his way through security in more time than if he had to decided to go in stealth but it was worth having the people cower.
"General Gara, I believe you need my assistance."
"Of course Saren sit down."
"I prefer to stand." Saren twirled a pistol in his hand to make his point.
"Of course, as you see we need to keep a tight rein on business for obvious reason and we have a lucky business man who managed to break in and is approaching Dominion Renegades for protection. We can't let that happen. Here is a dossier, go do it."
Saren twirled his pistol one more time, slammed it home then took the dossier and left.
As Bree stepped off The White Silhouette and onto the launchpad she looked around her. Why was her presence requested this time?
"Westian, good to see you!" As usual the colonel appeared as if out of thin air.
"Colonel." Bree nodded her greeting.
"Come now, my friend, shake hands with me at least." The balding man extended his hand.
Bree looked up into the insincere eyes that obviously wanted more than a handshake. "What do you want, Reeds?"
"You have uncanny perception, my dear."
"Save it."
"Have a mission for you. Fairly simple, but fairly dangerous as well."
Bree studied her fingernails. "Is that so?" She nodded towards her ship. "The Silhouette needs to be refueled."
"Done. That's not all you want though, I can tell."
"One hundred grand, all in advance."
Bree tapped her foot and arched her eyebrow. "So?"
"I've got some special information that I need taken to Mars. Here's a disc I need delivered to Santa Claus specifically."
"Santa Claus? THE Santa Claus?"
"His real name is of little consequence. He'll find you. You'll know by the beard."
Bree grasped the disc. "Don't forget the fuel."
Saran waited patiently for the right moment to enter. To most a hard job but to him a simple job. Disable the secretary and the security guards without drawing attention then proceed to the office. Saran tested the gas then started walking from his location. He walked up to the lady at the desk and smiled his killer white tooth smile.
"I was looking for a good place to eat and you look like a good eater," He winked.
"Oh... Um Rollo's is pretty good, just down the street."
"Thanks, Oh and light out."
Saran released a light concentration of the gas instantly putting the secretary into a mild form of consciousness enabling the secretary to stay up right. He turned around and walked over to the security guard.
"Hi Fellos, bye fellas."
The guard inhaled deeply to talk and fell into the state. Saran waltzed passed them ran up the stairs took a right and landed himself straight in the owner's office.
"Hello sir, in about 5 seconds you will feel a, homiletic, neurotoxin, and brain poison enter into you. You will have ten seconds to live beyond that," Saran lept foward and jabbed the needle into his wrist. The needle instantly discharged and disintegrated.
"Who the heck are you?" came from behind him.
Before the man even had a chance to draw, Saran whirled around laser pistol extended and fired twice at his eyes. The shots effectively burned holes straight through his brain. Saran quickly pocketed the pistol, typed a few things on the computer, and strode out calmly.
Saran headed to his space craft and took off.
Mariah looked around to make sure no one would be overhear her conversation. Confidant no one was around, she made the call.
"It's me, Mariah. Listen, I've hear some rumors that American is about to attack a True Renegade base on Grid 7, Moon. Anything we should get involved with?"
Mariah catches a sound to her right, down a side alley. She tried to peer into the darkness to see what caused it. Nothing moved, but she decides to speak even softer.
"You sure? I'm about 9 hours away?" she whispers. While Mariah listens to the plan being presented to her, she is constantly scanning the surrounding area, on the look out for trouble. Just as she's about to agree to the plan and end the call, she hears a moan above her. As she glances up she is slammed to the ground from behind. The cell goes skidding across the alley and into a storm drain.
"Hey! What's the deal!" Mariah yells as she is being held down.
2 Corinthians 12:10

Your money your singleness marriage talent and time
They were loaned to you to show the world that Christ is Divine ~Lecrae

"Sir, we have a problem. The assassin we hired stole the company itself."
General Gara grinned, "You may go officer."
"Completely predictable eh what Johnston?"
Scientist Commander Johnston looked at Gara full on, "Predictable, some what but way too deadly, 90% brain activity, which has never been done before, with out some one to control him is too deadly. We will see if the DragonSlayer can match him. Enhancing the brain is no easy task or one to be taken lightly."
"He is only one man, albeit the best assassin in theory."
"We will see. How could his assigned father get himself killed making him useless to us?"
Back to Saran in near earth outer space
Saran watched as two American Defense National Defense fighters showed up on his radar.
Switch to .1 seconds
.1 sec, Saran fired one of his guns taking out the first craft's shielding.
.1 sec, Saran fires his other gun taking out the craft's engine cutting off chance of replacing armor
.5 sec, Saran wait .4 sec. before firing his first gun destroying the craft.
.3 sec, He rolls his craft to dodge the other craft's fire.
.1 sec, Saran fires both of his guns effectively knocking out the crafts shielding.
.5 sec, Saran fires again destroying the craft

Saran pulled out of battle mode and set his engines for space drive toward Thor then slammed it back into battle because before him lay the DragonSlayer other wise known as the Airforce One, or the best equipped ship in the universe. And there was no doubting it came for war. A hundred guns with the power one of his guns had along with 10 main guns capable of destroying half of New York City and heavily damaging the shielding of any craft ever built. Saran turned around to face it.
Mars. The red planet. Never had it been one of Bree's favorite planets to visit, but Santa Claus was here. How ironic, she thought to herself. Maybe his suit will match his planet.
The recently fueled Silhouette landed smoothly and inconspicuously in a dry, dusty space just outside the city of Tangal. Not a large city, but not small either. If you didn't know your way around you could easily get lost here. Fortunately Bree had made quite a few errands here before. And it helped that she always kept her electronic map, Siri, in her back pocket.
Striding towards Tangal she wondered what else the colonel had for her to do. He never gave her the whole mission. Something else always popped up, though coming through someone she didn't know.
The entire city of Tangal was surrounded by a huge electric fence. Bree pulled out her electric pass to deactivate a side door, barely noticeable unless you knew it was there. But Bree had used it many times before. She nodded to the 'guard' standing just inside.
She walked on down several dilapidated streets until she came to an equally dilapidated saloon. The Pointer's Kin. What exactly that was supposed to mean she didn't know. The owner was kin to a dog? She wouldn't be surprised.



~Well, what do you know. Pilgrim Turkey seems to have a note for you. (clickey clickey ^)~
*Note: Remember you don't refuel, everything is powered by solar energy. I also will be putting some more detail in the sign up thread so don't forget to check it.
Saran's mind quickly went over the details of the Dragonslayer. 100 guns of the same caliber of his gun lining both sides of the space craft, 50 on each side. 10 extreme penetration guns, 5 on the top and 5 on the bottom, turrent-based. The ship was designed like a horseshoe for the sake of the 300 spacecrafts it could launch. The main control was based in the large curve along with the twin engines behind it. The engines were capable of taking the ship across the galaxy in half a day.
Saran calmed himself using his immense self-control and began to dodge the various colored lasers flashing at him. His target- hollow portion of the ship. By the time he reached the middle portion of the ship, his shield was at 90 % from two hits he couldn't avoid. He turned his twin gun on there turrent and fired at the curve and blew through. His shot effectively knocked out the ship's power and forced it to life-support only. He turned his ship for and set it in space drive.
Report on damage on the dragonslayer
With only 20 lives lost and 4 space crafts destroyed, the Dragonslayer should be back in service soon. The damaged will be said to have been done by a haywire craft.
Mariah wakes up to heavy footsteps. As she starts to take in her surroundings, she realizes she is laying face-down in an alley. She rises to a kneeling position and gasps in pain. Mariah looks down to see she has a few bruises and a scraped knee. Suddenly it all comes flooding back - the phone call, hearing something nearby, being attacked.
A strange voice saying, "Hey, are you okay?", startles Mariah back into the present. She glances up and quickly stands up, ignoring the pain. "Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks," she says to the tall, pale stranger who is looking at her with concern. "I'm fine, really." Mariah begins to back away towards the street.
"Um, okay. Just wanted to make sure," the stranger says with a shrug.
Nodding, Mariah turns and beginnings to make her way back to her craft. She keeps her guard up, making sure she isn't being followed. She makes it to her space craft without further harm. Now, for another call, she thinks, not happy she has to tell anyone about what happened to her in the past few hours.
2 Corinthians 12:10

Your money your singleness marriage talent and time
They were loaned to you to show the world that Christ is Divine ~Lecrae

Saran passed Loki. He glanced over at the remainder of the former planetary defense. US clung to it in hopes it could be used to launch against Thor and Odin, it's sister planets. A battle fleet was anchored out side including 3 battleships and 3 carriers. Apparently a battle had just been fought. 5 asteroids put out of service leaving the planet with 45.
Saran continued on to Odin and radioed in to one of the officers.
"Mark, I am politely asking you to just allow me to set down and you won't here of me again."
"Your in major trouble you know. US is asking for your head with large amounts of money."
"Just set me down or I might just plant some evidence that gets you life in prison."
"Okay, your on pod 5-O section"
Saran landed and checked his tablet. If he was correct he should be able to get in touch with the True Renegades for a job soon.
Mariah starts up her craft, which is she named Dragon, and prepares for take off. She gets into space and heads off to the Moon, 9 hours away.
Mariah jumps out of her pilot seat and starts searching through her ship to find what made that noise. She turns the corner to look into a closet locker and finds someone trying to hide under a shelf. She grabs the stowaway's collar to bring him up to eyelevel. "What are you doing on my ship," she says in her most intimidating voice.
2 Corinthians 12:10

Your money your singleness marriage talent and time
They were loaned to you to show the world that Christ is Divine ~Lecrae

Saran began to make his way through the maze of street. The city was one of the largest compared to the cities of the galaxy. Saran slipped into one of the many pubs and made his way to the back. He never did drink anything, he disliked the lack of self control and he was a Christian. Not a practicing for any matters what so ever. If he ever showed up in a church.... Ah there he was.
Saran walked up to the man and tapped him and whispered something.
The man jerked then grabbed a sheet of paper and handed it to him. Saran turned and strolled out.
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