The Dreamwalker Specialty Shop - CC Branch 2.1 ~ Refurbished

Announcing the opening of the Newly Refurbished Dreamwalker Specialty Shop! After a rest period, I am happy to reopen the most popular, and if I say so myself, best shop on Campbell County. No one ever went away with anything less than a great quality ware. The good has been made great, and the great is still here.


Welcome to the Dreamwalker Specialty Shop! This is the Reopened, Refurbished, Campbell County Branch of The Dreamwalker Specialty Shop. Just order and I will dig through my vast warehouse for just the right thing for you.
Image Wares: This is the shop to go to for Wallpapers, Avatars, Signatures, and most anything else. I specialize in my trademark Kingdom Hearts Merchandise, but provide on all fronts. Just write and ask.
Image Ordering: To place an order you can ether post the request on the Shop or send me a Private Message. If you know exactly what you want you can give all the details, or you can just tell me what you want, Exempli gratia: "I would like an Avatar and a Sig." and I will PM you what details I need. Please include size requirements.
Image Pricing: I negotiate price per customer. If you are hard on funds I may even be willing to provide for free.
Image Service: I do my best to provide gratifying quality wares in a swift fashion.
Image Resume: My wares will speak for themselves, and I prefer it that way.

Image You can purchase wares from my ToO Branch for here.
I also accept ToO Dollars as payment here. {However the exchange rate is not very good right now on account of the hovering potential dissolution of the ToO Dollars.}

Image If I am unavailable to serve you, I recommend you go to one of the stores on my Recommended Stores list, under the Specials & Announcements.
All right not expressly delegated to the customers are reserved to the Shop.

What is the current ToO to CC dollar exchange rate?
Current Dreamwalker ToO-CC Exchange Rate:
1 Seashell = 3.20 ToO Dollars

Recommended Shops
The shops listed here are personally recommended by the proprietor. You may rely on their quality. If you have any complaints about a shop's service or wares, or would like to recommend a shop for this list, please write me a Private Message.

Destiny Islands Graphics Proprietor: Samantha14

How do I buy stuff? - what do you sell?
Ignorance to the law is no excuse!
Items can be purchased in the usual fashion, much akin to Whit's End. And I sell almost anything your little big heart desires. But I don't work with platinum.

-- Sun Dec 13, 2015 11:24 pm --

We are holding a Retired Forum Sale! All orders will have their price reduced from what would otherwise be asked.

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