How Far Do You Take Modesty?

PF your whole paragraph is so wrong. The whole problem with the speedo isn't the thighs although that is a part of it (I know this from some ladies I have talked to). It is more the whole front thing. And speedos do tend to come off and this also comes from some one I know. And arguably thighs are rather different. I used to have rather flabby ones until I started working out.
What's wrong with my thighs? :(
Whats not wrong with them is the problem. ;)
May I start off by saying I love you Mr. Foolish!!! I think I just died. Anywho what do you know of a woman's mind?? Maybe I just love thighs and find them very attractive!!! d≈ (okay not really but I very well could and I'm sure some women do!) Yes speedos have a time and place to be worn but as I said earlier
Allie wrote: I think as long as you don't dress for the wrong reasons you're fine. It's when you start dressing just to make people look and to think about you in that way that there's a problem.
"That way" meaning sensual. Bathing suits and such are fine on the beach but when you start wearing them in town and while shopping it's awkward to be honest. I'm also the kind of person who doesn't like to see people in there gym clothes shopping though (if you're at walmart or the local grocery store I'm less "judgemental" for lack of a better word than say if you are at the mall.) But I'm also all for women and men wearing what makes them the happiest and makes them feel like themselves! Confidence is truly one of the most attractive things in this world. And like most things it can be used for both bad and good. And as Christians we should be attractive we should live in a way that makes others want to be like us, because we are like Christ. We are the examples to this world of what being like Christ truly is. And it's not a list of rules we have to follow (I'm not say we shouldn't have no rules) we should govern ourselves in love and patience! But I think we get catch up in debates like this and fail to remember the whole reason we are Christinas in the first place, we were given a gift by God and what we do with that gift of salvation is our own choice. Blitz path in life is not my path in life. Mr. Foolish and Doc don't walk the same path. Sunshine and her very own sister don't have the same path! We all have our own. God has something for Tin man on his path of life that Sirwhit doesn't have. This is what makes us all unique and special. We are all walking different paths that have come to cross here for now. What I'm comfortable with wearing an feel is right to wear will not be what everyone else thinks and feels/understands to be "right" but the beauty of this is we can all be "right" because there isn't a law book to be kept on what to wear. We are have the holy spirit, teachers, preachers, priests, parents, friends, the Bible etc. To help guide us on our paths of life. We have only been asked to live blameless and to bring honor and glory to God. What that looks like to you is up to you. What that looks like to is up to me. As long as our motives are right, our acts will stand with the lines of right. They may toe the line and get in that gray area but if we pray and seek godly wisdom on the matters of our lives then we'll be the best off we can be. :) (sorry it was so long winded and deep ≈ p)
What is forever..? Well I'll see you once that has past.<3
I wear clothes in public :shock:
I'm so proud of you, Jeri xD
Sincerely, Paula
"Courage doesn't mean you don't get afraid. Courage means you don't let fear stop you."
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