Morning or Afternoon?

I know some churches offer morning and afternoon services. If your church does that, which do you go to, and why?
My church does Saturday night and Sunday morning services, I usually go to the Saturday night. No special reason really, it just works best for my family.
My parents go the night service without the two of us. It is a long distance to the church.
Our church has both a Sun. morning and Sun. night service. The evening service is more casual (they have a band lead music instead of the orchestra/choir). We live about 1 hr. from the church, so we don't usually go to the evening service. Sometimes, though, we invite someone to eat lunch with us, and take them back to the evening service so their mom/dad can take them home.
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We have Sunday school at 9:45am, morning service at 11am Sunday evening service at 6pm, Wednesday evening service at 7pm and youth group on Thursdays at 7pm. I go to all of them unless I'm sick or working. I also have choir at 5pm on Sunday for church. :D I kinda spend a lot of time at church.
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On Sunday we normally have a 10 AM and 6 PM service. I usually attend both. However, since we are sharing our church with the Methodist church right now, we can only have one 4 PM service.
My church has Saturday morning service , so that's what we go to.
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