I'm currently taking a class on Christian Worship and learning some pretty awesome things.

I'm curious if you could do something for me. Write down the order of worship in your service and then share it here. Noting each thing that is done specifically including; Call to worship, prayer, scripture, specific names of songs.

This sounds strange, but I'm looking to put into practice some of the things that we're learning in class. It'll make more sense as people participate. (Also please include what denomination you're church is.)
Announcments & random stuff
Doxology/Call to Worship - Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow
Invocation (opening prayer)
Worship in praise
(Two songs chosen by whoever is in charge that week)
Offering & prayer
A short video for missions awareness
Children's story (short message for ~10 yrs old)
Intercessory prayer
Special music
Scripture Reading (chosen by speaker)
Closing hymn (chosen by speaker)

Seventh-day Adventist church.
Worship, Prayer Partners
Altar Call
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Sing 3 Songs
Greeting Time (greeting each other in the Lord, taking children down to the nursery)
1 Song
3 more songs

Great Commission Association of Churches
Opening song
Chorus of song & dismissed to various Sunday school classes depending on age
(After Sunday school)
Choir gets up and sings with the congregation:
"At Calvary" and "The Way Of The Cross"
Choir sings: "Everybody Ought To Know"
Congregation sings: "Praise Him"
Prayer for offering
Choir sings: "Do You Know My Jesus"
Choir goes down
Sermon introduction
Opening sermon prayer
Closing sermon prayer
Altar call: "Just As I Am"
Dismissal prayer

Independent Baptist

That's an average Sunday morning service.
Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men.
Prelude on organ
Announcements (pre-recorded)
"Mission minute" - 1 min video featuring this week's missionary
2 hymns - I sing the mighty power of God, and To God be the Glory
(Sometimes special music here by singer, pianist, other instrumentalist, etc.)
Prayer by an elder
2 more hymns - I surrender all, His name is Wonderful
Special music during offering collection
Sermon on Psalm 51
(Song) You are my King

Bible Church
Sort of copied from last week's program
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