Formal or Casualish?

What do you normally wear to church? A lot of times I'll wear a suit unless I feel like going for comfort. If that's the case I do a button down shirt and dress slacks.
Since I was born, I've gone to church in a dress or a skirt. When I was a preteen and younger teen I really didn't like that I couldn't wear jeans to church. It was my parents' choice for us to dress more formal, not a "rule" for our church. As I've gotten older, I still wear skirts to church (I don't really care for dresses most of the time) but now I wear them because I want to show respect to God on the day we come together as a church to worship Him.
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We wear jeans and collared shirts for the most part. Sometimes depending on the shirt we wear dress pants. We are the best dress people at tons of churches that support us. ;)
I tend to wear black pants with a sweater in the winter and occasionally dresses with a cardigan (I think that's what they're called), but I usually don't wear skirts. My mom's pretty particular about what we wear... My dad could care less, as long as we're not wearing sport stuff, haha!
My dad would kill me if he ever saw me wearing a short short to any kind of church service.
I tend to do church in my pajamas...though we do church at home since Daddy can't do public places often.
I wear kind of formal, striped shirt and jeans
I usually wear my least-faded jeans and a nice shirt. When I was little my mom would have me wear dresses, but I really don't like dresses or skirts. (Neither does she, to be honest, so she lets me wear jeans)
I couldn't possible imagine going to church in pants O.o
Like some of you, ever since I was little I went to church in my best clothes and this is how things still work for me :yes:
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I used to go in dresses until I was about 13. Now I don't own a single dress or skirt, so I usually just wear a nice shirt and decent jeans.
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I wear a dress but our church requires us to wear dresses all the time and I am gratful for the set standerd. I do not evan wish to wear jeans. All my dresses are long and I think everyone my age their skirts almost reach the tops of our shoes. No I am NOT Amish although if I go back not to long ago my dad's mom's mom was Amish untill she died.
I used to proudly wear nice close when attending church. You know, a collared shirt with a vest and khakis. But when we moved to the town I am in now when I was 10, we started attending a less formal church (it is a semi-mega church). Most people there would wear a t-shirt and jeans, so eventually I stopped wearing formal attire.

HOWEVER! I still think people should wear nicer close to church. I wouldn't on Sundays because I help with 4-5 year olds and would likely get my nice clothes dirty in that setting (markers, play-doh, snack crumbs etc.). But sometime in the future, I want to go to church wearing my debate suit, and see what people think. :P

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They will think you look spiffy. :yes:
I generally wear slacks with a nice blouse. I used to wear more dresses and skirts, but I think they are extremely uncomfortable.
I wear either a dress (with a cardigan over it if needed) or a nice shirt and skirt. I sometimes wear a jean skirt, but most always for the middle of the week service, and not the Sunday service.
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I live in south-west Kansas.... Jeans are nice clothes. xD I do respect God in making them nice jeans, though. I also wear a nice shirt. My Church is really informal, aslo.
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