How has the Devil been working in your life today?

A year ago, someone asked me this question, and I was thrown off guard. It's not one we word quite this way, but it's an interesting question.

I think this question is an important one to ask yourself regularly. And here's my challenge. If you feel comfortable sharing with the board, I challenge you to post in this thread regularly. Why? It's here that we can offer encouragement for each other and it's important to realize that you're not alone with experiencing the devils tools in your life.

(I am taking my challenge and will be attempting to post here when I can. This means others should post so I don't double post. XD)
This a very interesting topic. It brings to mind the scripture about not being ignorant of Satan's devices, this will help us with that. He kept tempting me to watch something I felt convicted about this week. It may not be harm to others but if I allow myself to watch it I'll still be hooked on it.
Today was kinda of a struggle. The devil knows my weaknesses, and knows just how to make me fall. Not only that but he reminds me of my mistakes. Probably the biggest tool he uses against me is "no one else ever has to know". The thing is, I know God knows. I'm praying that God helps me in this battle against the devil.
This is a good topic idea, Jason. Yes, the devil is the biggest con man to ever exist. He makes the sin he's trying to sell you on seem very appealing. Or tries to guilt you into it.
I'm proud of you both for resisting. And will also be praying.
I've been in a reading mood this week. One of the things I read was kind of creepy and had a good bit of violence in it.
Reading it didn't help to bring glory to God or influence spiritual thinking. If anything, it distracted from that.
Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men.
The passed couple days I've been doing better with rabbit punching the devil in the face. On the other hand, when he's not tempting me, he's using circumstances to discourage me and those around me. But even in the midst of trials I praise God for the blessings while handling the trial.
He made me eat cake. :(
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